How to Switch from iPhone to Android Smoothly


As you know, there are notable differences between Android phones and iPhones. For instance, Apple devices are a bit expensive, but Android ones are more customizable. Ideally, there are certain apps that you can use on Android, but you cannot use it on iPhones, and vice versa.

When switching from iPhone to Android, you have a reason to be concerned about the transfer of information. For instance, you want to import contacts, transfer your music, photos, calendar events, and more.

Although you can transfer your photos, music, and contacts from your iPhone to a new Android phone, some things cannot be moved. For instance, physical hardware, including power chords and phone cases, cannot work on your Android phone. That is also the case with apps you bought from the Apple store. Although you will still find those available in Google’s Play Store, you will purchase them again. You can use Backuptrans sms backup & restore tool to keep your messages and files.

These are some tips to help you move from iPhone to Android.

Use Built-in Apps

Before you start searching how “switch iPhone to Android,” check whether your device has a built-in app for data transfer. Most new Android phones come with this technology. Some devices come with a USB-OTG connector that allows you to transfer data from iPhone quickly.

Built-in apps for data transfer will pop whenever you want to set up your new Android phone. Make sure you follow all steps to switch everything from your iPhone to Android phone. However, if the phone does not have syncing technology, there are different ways of transferring your calendar, contacts, settings, and media.

Sync Your Data

The truth is that Google will make managing data quite easy during the process. Remember that you will have to switch your calendars, videos, and contacts from the old device to the new one through Google account. Therefore, you should download Google Drive and install it on your iPhone. You should then back up your files to Google Drive. Make sure you choose your calendar events, videos, contacts, and more.

Remember, you have the freedom to choose the data you want to backup and transfer. Thus, you can leave some data that will waste your space. Ensure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi during the backup, as it can consume a lot of data.

Transfer Your Music

The fact that you are shifting to a different OS does not mean you have to lose your library of music. It is now easy to transfer your iTunes music to Google Play Music. There are different apps that can help you do this. If you still want to continue using iTunes, your future purchases sync with Google Music. For other media services, you can download the app from Google Play Store.

Move Messages

You do not want to lose text messages that you have created with family and friends. Maybe your juice gossip is still in the message history. Transferring your messages and WhatsApp chats is quite difficult, it still you can do it. The recommended option is to use Backuptrans software. You can download the software and follow it to backup and transfer data from iPhone to Android and vice versa.

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