How Smartwatches Can Make your Life Better


Technology has been fast improving on many fronts. We have integrated technology in as many places we can, from phones to appliances, to improve our daily lives. Everything has become “smart” nowadays, and one of these devices that’s gaining popularity recently is the smartwatch. What exactly are smartwatches, and what are they capable of doing?

What are smartwatches?

A smartwatch is a device fashioned after a digital watch, hence the name. Sometimes called a wearable, it often features a touchscreen watch face and a selection of apps optimized to run on a smaller screen. Most of the time, smartwatches are a complement to smartphones, enriching the mobile experience. These devices also have health and fitness sensors, which are where they shine the most.


Smartwatches might be small, but they pack powerful and convenient features that can be useful to anyone.

  • Notifications

Smartwatches can be paired to smartphones so that you can receive notifications from the phone. As the watch is more accessible than the phone, especially while on the go, which makes viewing notifications more convenient. You can do basic interactions on the notifications, like replying (although it can be quite hard). Sensors on the device can also send notifications themselves, notifying you of critical situations or reminding you of certain tasks.

  • Apps

Smartwatches have their own set of apps, too. Optimized for small screens, some can be modified wearable versions of the phone app. Some apps are also wearable-specific, meant to utilize the health and fitness sensors in the device.

  • Fitness and health tracking

Although they might not have the same robust features as dedicated fitness bands, smartwatches offer basic tracking of vital signs like heart rate and steps taken. You can also install fitness apps to guide you in your workouts.

  • Location tracking

Smartwatches have GPS sensors in them that can give you location-related information. Whether you want to track your current location or find directions to a place, wearables can provide you that information at a glance.

  • Media controls

Smartwatches can also become a media control remote, often connected to your phone. Some smartwatches also have the option to store music and play it locally through your Bluetooth headphones. This is great for jogging and workouts.

Do you need one?

Smartwatches offer so much convenience that can be valuable to people. The ability to see notifications at a single glance and interact with them right away can mean so much. Plus, the smartwatch industry is relatively young, so there are bound to be improvements. Powerful smartwatches like the Honor Watch ES offer personalized training sessions, blood oxygen readings, and stress tracking to help you out with your health.


Smartwatches have been gaining traction lately. Although they might not be all necessary for the normal person, it gives convenience and portable functionality that some might deem to be important to them. The industry has also released many models to choose from, so there will always be a smartwatch for you. In the near future, when we can pack more power to these devices, they might reach the same level of usefulness as our smartphones.

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