Amazing functions of the Huawei Site Kit


HMS has several kits in its consortium. They are account Kit, Huawei Site Kit, map kit, location kit, analytics kit, push kit, wallet kit, etc. But the site kit we’re going to focus on in this article is the Huawei Site Kit.

For those who don’t know what the site kit is, it’s a subsidiary of the HMS.

Here’s What You Should Know about the HMS

The Huawei Mobile System (HMS) is an alternative platform to Google Mobile Services on your phone. It is integrated with Huawei Phones as the standard, eliminating popular Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Duo, Photos, Google Search, etc. and restricting access to popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

The HMS has two components- one component deals with first-party services and apps that users engage with, and the second component deals with HMS Core that developers use to create apps. It includes SDKs, APIs, and other related developer services.

The Huawei Site Kit is a kit for android apps that allows users get the best UX experience, explore the world around them, and have access to several location-based services.

Without further ado, let’s look at the functions of the Huawei site kit that are sure to blow your mind.


Let’s dive in

Functions of the Huawei Site kit

Why should developers create apps through this kit?

1. Harnesses the power of Geocoding:

The Huawei Site kit is so unique that it harnesses the power of geocoding. Research has shown that the HMS will soon transform the way the world views maps and addresses.

For those who don’t know what geocoding is, it is simply a process of converting the location coordinates or address of a place to a point (location) on the surface of the earth.

HMS makes provisions for advanced geocoding techniques through its location and map kits.

In the location kit, you can set up virtual location boundaries to detect when an external body is interfering or adjust the app to suit your activities. In the map kit, you can interact with maps, customize them, and plan your routes whenever you’re walking, cycling, running, driving, etc.

But what the site kit does is to access your current location coordinates and changes them to street addresses, and vice versa.

That is fantastic!

2. Appropriate Keyword Search:

If you’re creating apps for WordPress users, content creators, developer agencies, or hosting providers, then you should use the Huawei Site Kit by all means. It allows users to search for keywords related to a particular niche and draw up an accurate list.

Compared to other platforms, it makes this such a seamless experience.

3. Location suggestion

The Huawei site kit is a platform that accesses the user’s current location and suggests nearby known places. It is a great feature for first-time visitors and tourists.

4. Location detail search

Want to find out more details about a place from the comfort of your home? Very easy. This site kit allows users to find out more information about a specific place. You can also find out details about your current location too.

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