Personally, I felt sympathy at the end of the play for Blanche, I think that she never deserved what happened to her, because I feel that her actions were related to her past, the results of a broken heart. It includes numerous social conflict undertones which give it relevance, depth, and meaning. Please choose the access option you need: Her identity was found through Stanley. Street car name deris Document. In the end, Stanley went so far as to have Blanche sent off to a mental asylum.

The audience is allowed to see that Blanche longs for true acceptance, yet never finds it. We do understand why Blanche did what she did and do feel sympathy for her desperation when she says to Mitch: Stanley also buys a bus ticket for Blanche to go back to Laurel. ComScore is a media measurement and analytics company providing marketing data and analytics to enterprises, media and advertising agencies, and publishers. Furthermore, another situation in which shows sympathy toward Blanche is her most dramatic victimization in the play; her rape.

A Streetcar Named Desire – Sympathy for Blanche

Blanche believes that Shep Huntleigh is coming to take her away which highlights her reliance upon and need for men. In the end, Stanley went so far as to have Blanche sent off to a mental asylum. Ironically, this aspect of the play is also one that critics and readers frequently use to demonize Blanche and disprove her role as a sympathetic character. To show how societies view of the individual, tradition, and the victim is flawed.

“It is impossible to feel sympathy for Blanche

At the end of the play Blanche has a flawed view of happiness Critic Kathleen Margaret Lant claims that Williams prohibits Blanche from the realm of tragic protagonist as a result of his own culturally ingrained misogyny, using her victimization as an intentional stab at womanhood. In order to better understand A Streetcar Named Desireit is important to know some facts about Tennessee Williams’ personal life and background.


streetcar named desire sympathy for blanche essay

We do not know why she thinks the way she does. Only when Mitch demands to see her in the light, I felt than I seen true Blanche be seen, and it is this that suggested to me fot Blanche wasn’t mentally ill, but simply vulnerable.

streetcar named desire sympathy for blanche essay

Blanche represented the “dying out” of the old south. He represented the new south: The play centers around Blanche and her conflicts with identity and happiness. The “antagonist” turns into a victim. Please choose the access option you need: What disappears in this scene is the illusion that Blanche is a simple person.

This highlights how the people she met in New Orleans only saw things in as they were – in black and white, and because she saw life in many different colours – in a fantasy, she wasn’t accepted. Like her sister Stella, Blanche believed that the only way to gain stability and happiness was through the attention, appreciation, and adoration of men. The conflict between Blanche and Stanley raises the question of the role of women in the realm of authority.

To highlight the oppressiveness of society. However, this claim contrasts with the trauma that the death has caused Blanche, and the implications that the overpowering love she felt for Allan Grey may have been the last true emotion to which she allowed herself to succumb.

She wants to return to the happiness she had before her husband committed suicide which occurred as the result of Blanche accusing him for being homosexual.


We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. In the second scene our view of Blanche somewhat changes and her shameless flirting with Stanley marks a change from the last scene. Blanche’s devistating past is just one of the reasons I felt sympathy for her. Having failed in convincing streetcat own sister, Stella, that Stanley raped her, a doctor and a matron come from an asylum to take her away.

A Streetcar Named Desire – Sympathy for Blanche Essay Example

Ztreetcar characterisation of Blanche successfully hints at her flaw early in the play. During Blanche and Stella’s time period, men were considered to be “higher” than women. A Streetcar Named Desire.

No data is shared unless you engage with this feature. This also demonstrates that Blanche is no longer trying to create her fantasy, but that she is literally living it in her mind.

streetcar named desire sympathy for blanche essay

We may use remarketing pixels from advertising networks such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook in order to advertise the HubPages Service to people that have visited our sites. Troubled from her past, Blanche has a sence of falseness, which increasingly becomes apparent to Stanley. You may be able to receive WR transfer credit for it. His father was a drunk; he did not receive much streectar from his father Baym, Finally as a last attempt bblanche be somebody or something she resorts to phoning up the operator and desperately asks for Shep Huntleigh of Dallas.