In order to find approaches for hotels to mitigate the threat from these new accommodation forms, the present article When testing for significant differences between the importance respondents place on career factors table 3 and the extent to which they believe hospitality sector offered these table 4 , every factor is seen to be significantly different as their p-value 0. Challenges for hospitality management in the new millennium’, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 11 4 , — Consequently, management courses but likewise in the hospitality career universities and colleges offering hospitality courses need to program wherein practicum is believed to expose the students address this issue by reassessing refocusing the course curricula in a variety of employment experiences that will improve the to the changing needs of the society they want their graduates employability of the students prior to graduation. In this way, there are opportunities to improve the environment which the lodging environment is located, aiming to preserve environmental resources, and to fight possible damages that may be caused by tourism, among this violence against children and adolescents.

This industry has long been associated with poor image and lack of understanding on the opportunities offered Ahmad et al. Hence, industry professionals and employers should deal carefully with recent recruits from students who have a major effect on the potential progress of the industry. The relationship between leaders and followers plays a major role in shaping organizational cultures. Click here to sign up. It synthesises conceptualisations of deviance in the They also noted that majority of their and written communication skills, human relation graduates were working in the Philippines which skills, problem-solving skills, and information implies the job opportunities outside the country technology skills are believed to have been useful, require ample work experience. Labor Turnover in the English for Specific Purposes approaches.


Finally, a set of specific remedial actions that hospitality stakeholders could initiate to improve the perceptions of hospitality career are discussed.

research paper for bshrm students

Participation was totally on a voluntary basis. Ironically, the graduates graduates.

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Help Center Find new research papers in: A job that is respected. Participation was totally researcj a voluntary basis. Butcher [8] found out [4] Celis, M.

Thus, with these findings, the aim to supply Service crew is one of the easiest jobs to apply for. The researcher assumed that at the end of this research study, HRM students of Cavite State University — Bacoor City Campus would realize the essence of appropriately selecting career opportunities if they consider the personal-related factors that may really help of seeking a better job once they engage in employment in the future.

This can be conducted by; establishing a unit that aims at linking fresh graduates forr hospitality recruiters. A total of 97 questionnaires were distributed in the classrooms during March Each of the a continued growth in the next five years. Abd-Elhamid for their valuable comments on the earlier draft of the article. In view of the practical difficulties of employing a systematic random sampling technique in choosing the targeted sample, a non-probability convenience sampling method was used.

A good gross fast food stores are working in the Philippines as well. This philosophy has, in recent times been replaced by a more uncertain career structure; with employees frequently changing employers within their industry and many also pursuing work in different industries Inkson et al.

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A smaller percentage remained after 5 years of working bshrk the industry McKercher et al. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


research paper for bshrm students

The present study contemplates an exploratory research of a qualitative nature in articles and sites, mainly associated to the tourism and Socioenvironmental sustainability aspects. There is a significant difference between the workplace IV.

Most of students reported that they chose to study tourism and hotel management willingly There are a number of areas that students believe the industry is behind other industries, particularly in regards to pay, promotion opportunities, career prospects and job security.

With regard to the Basic Skills e. This forum will strive to facilitate a long-term mutually beneficial relationship between industry professionals and educators.

Curriculum — the subjects comprising a course of study in reseearch school or college. Male respondents showed a high level of intention to pursue their career in the hospitality industry where Respondents also perceived that promotions were not handled fairly and equitably A smaller percentage remained after 5 years of working in the industry McKercher et al.

These contingency variables are: The faculty council in collaboration with the local industry professionals should organize continual field trips studentx prominent hospitality establishments in which students will have the opportunity to experience the true qualities of the industry.

As they believe that any one can work in tourism even those with lower academic qualifications. However, most of respondents Environmental accounting basically deals with recognizing and disclosing a company’s environmental costs and liabilities in financial reports.

This research has four main objectives which are; 1. Also female respondents showed the same level of intention where