Once the crisis was over, the MEA undertook a comprehensive and detailed study of how the crisis unfolded over the 42 days and the manner in which it was handled. Retrieved 6 February A senior officer of the National Security Guard NSG was killed in an accidental explosion during combing operations at Pathankot air base on Sunday pushing the number of casualties among security forces to seven. Archived from the original on 3 January Retrieved from ” https: Pathankot Pampore Uri Nagrota.

As we have seen, there are effective drills in place to meet different types of crisis situations. The KRC drew specific attention to the importance of strategic communications and media management in crisis situations. However, he would apprise the prime minister and the NSA that he has done so and work in close consultation with them. Ahmed, who possessed an extensive network of political, social, and business contacts in the Persian Gulf. It appears that the terrorists crossed the heavily fortified border by taking advantage of routes used for drug smuggling, sometimes with the complicity of border guarding personnel and the state law and order machinery.

How was NSG deployed before the attack if not because of swift action?

pathankot terrorist attack essay

However, this procedure was not followed by the Uri camp which might have allowed terrorists to sneak into the camp terrorst using the tall patahnkot and bushes around the perimeter.

The committee found that despite several advance warnings before the attack, no effective measures had been taken to act upon the intelligence. CRS Report for Congress. Security forces already possess requisite gadgets like thermal imagers and radars to monitor activity in these areas.

The absence of such mechanisms or bypassing them when situations arise may negatively impact appropriate crisis handling. In the Iraq hostage crisis, the intelligence agencies shared their inputs, which were organized together with information gathered by the MEA and its diplomatic missions in the Persian Gulf.


pathankot terrorist attack essay

It called for the promotion of specialized studies, tasking think tanks and universities to undertake specific studies and encouraged area specialization. Some of the material esasy from Pakistan. Deliberate political choices, not ignorance, have weakened the effectiveness of crisis management in India.

The call was made at around Press statements are made only by designated press spokesmen both at the central and state level and the CMG usually collectively decides the content of such statements. Retrieved 12 December Firing could be heard from inside during Monday night and early Tuesday.

Retrieved 10 February An objective assessment of the last 52 years will show that the country is lucky to have scraped through various national security threats without too much damage, except in This article is closed for comments.

The Pathankot Attacks: The link between terrorism and the drug market

This operation is at the completion stage. Fortunately, in the Pathankot case there was better media management, but here too a carefully formulated communication strategy was absent, which led to a premature announcement that the combing operations at the base had been concluded.

They were being questioned for gathering intelligence about infiltration attempts. Pakistani investigators stated the attack had been a false-flag attack staged by the Indian government to malign Pakistan. It should also ring alarm bells for the Punjab police — unless it tightens its grip on the drug racket in the state and the allied arms trade, attaci state will remain an easy target for terrorists.

There is inordinate emphasis on the personal security of political personages and senior officials at the expense of public security, and this focus is continuing to rise at a staggering rate.


Pathankot attack: ‘All terrorists dead’ – The Hindu

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: First terrorist was killed while he was climbing 10 meter high wall”. Also, since 8 Julythe Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has been undergoing continuous unrest following the killing of Burhan Wania militant leader popular with the youth in the state. Retrieved 18 May After leaving government service inhe headed the Research and Information System for Developing Countries, a prestigious think tank focusing on economic issuesand was Chairman of the National Security Advisory Board under the National Security Council The task force reiterated several of the observations of the decade-earlier KRC.

pathankot terrorist attack essay

The complainants, five widows posted as constables in the SSP’s office, were allegedly being harassed by SP headquarters Salwinder. We want good relations with not just Pakistan but with all our neighbours. Subrahmanyam, a well-known security analyst and former senior official in the Ministry of Defence. Security personnel ask media crew to move aside inside the airbase in Pathankot. Are there explicit drills for well-trained personnel at clearly designated agencies to respond to specific crises?

A Day of Infamy New Delhi: Retrieved 29 September From the outset, the minister worked the phones throughout the day, seeking information as well as assistance both from regional governments as well as business contacts.