Data Sheet 1 for Part IVExperiment ResultCulture of Nanobacteria maintained in culture generate a biofilm on the surface of theNanobacteria culture container within 3 weeks. What questions do you have? Thistechnique uses short sequences of DNA called primers to trigger a chemical reaction that results in theamplification or increase in the concentration number of pieces of a specific region of DNA from asample. They isolated and cultured thenanobacteria in the same way and observed many of the same behaviors. D A partly demineralized nanobacterial group A-D, X Manybacteria can cause diseases.

Assignment for Part V: Scientific results are meaningless if they cannot be repeated and validated. The formation of kidney stones is a good example of this kind ofpathological disease-related form of biomineralization. What are the properties of a biological organism? We are not fanatics, we are scientists. What does the data tell you? This process is also referred to as calcification.

You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes! One difference between the papers focuses on the evidence for DNA. How does this data compare to that of Kajander and Ciftcioglu?

Discuss which set of evidence Kajander and Ciftcioglu or Cisar et al. Xnswer V—Final Chapter or is it? The formation of kidney stones is a good example of this kind ofpathological disease-related form of biomineralization. Free access with registration.


nanobacteria case study answer key

Next class period caae will be debating the stkdy of nanobacteria as a living organism. Does this experiment support the hypothesis? After another month, the culture container isonce again coated with a biofilm. Which of the new results contradict Kajander and Ciftcioglu? Despite this, Cisar et al. What does the data tell you? Choose ONE property of life and propose a way you could test for thatproperty.

Decide if these experiments explain the observations of 1.

Nanobacteria: Are They or Aren’t They Alive? A Case …

If others can repeat your work, then it is likely although not guaranteed that yourconclusions and hypotheses are correct. Assignment for Part I: That is, they formed a biofilm onthe surface of the culture container. A Light microscopic micrograph.

nanobacteria case study answer key

Assignment for Part IV: In October ofCisar et al. Sterile DMEM culture media will not form a biofilm on its own.

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We are not fanatics, we are scientists. Report a Problem with this Resource Record. The ability to form a biofilm could be transferred transferability What could account for these results if nanobacteria were not alive?

nanobacteria case study answer key

In addition to the evidence you have alreadyconsidered, these authors describe three key experiments that they feel greatly strengthen theirhypothesis. Nanobacteria were originally discovered by two researchers from Finland, Drs. nanobactegia



While these results seemed to support the idea that nanobacteria are not biological organisms, there wasa problem. The website contains pertinent general information articles and resource lists for students as well as homework assignments based on readings.

Which terms or techniques are new or unclear to you? It is possible to scrape up this biofilm, dilute the components 1: Biology is the study of living things.

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The scientific process can be complicated by the use of specialized nanobactera. Website supported by the University at Buffalo Libraries. Scientific information is shared through publication in scientific journals.

You must provide compelling, positive evidence that offers an alternative explanation of the published observations. Biology — Biology General — Study and teaching.