Ahmed, Eball Hifthy Abdul-Rahim Mixed convection from an elliptic tube placed in a fluctuating free stream. Abul, Bashar On the performance of turbo codes over Rayleigh fading channels. Ahmed, Mohammed Jameel License plate recognition system. Anwar, Sohail Natural convection flow in parallel-plate vertical channels. Al-Mulhem, Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Resonance excitation and electron capture by low charged ions.

Al-Mubarak, Mohammad Hasan Mohammad Detection of high impedance faults using artificial neural networks. Akhtar, Mohammad Wasim Towards an optimal accumulator size for the Hough transform. Ahmed, Syed Manzoor Heat convection from a horizontal cylinder in a quiescent fluid. Abuzaid, Nabil Said Effect of dissolved oxygen on activated carbon uptake. Essa, Mohammad Hussein Experimental investigation of microbial growth in subsurface environment. Shaibu, Abdul-Baasit Parameter estimation using median ranked set sampling. Ahmad, Abid Maqsood Development of an equivalent dispersion coefficient for a complex contaminant transport model.

Nadeem, Mohammad Mohsin Evolution based scheduling of precedence computations with communication costs. Qureshy, Asif Bashir Fatigue of concrete in the presence of a crack. Al-Fattah, Saud Mohammed A.

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Mohammed, Aman Hassen Effect of drilling fluid particle sizes on formation damage: Ibrahim, Mohammed Performance evaluation of concrete surface treatment materials. Al-Muhaidib, Saud Mohammed A study of graph coloring heuristics and its application to a time tabling problem in a registration and scheduling system. Khurrum, Mian Zainulabadin An improved fractionally spaced decision feedback equalizer structure.


Owais, Malik Ahmed Dynamic similarity metric for case-based planning under imperfection. Siddiqui, Atiq Waliullah Targeting in multi-class screening under error and error-free measurement systems. Ali, Anjum On the propagation of electromagnetic waves in an kfupk medium.

Al-Assar, Rajai Samih Unsteady hydrodynamic forces on spheroidal bodies. Abdul-Jauwad, Samir Husain Theoretical htesis of lattice solitons in nonlinear lumped networks.

Khan, Esam Ali Hasan A Two-dimensional geometric-shapes-based compression scheme for deterministic testing of systems-on-a-chip.

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Outcrop Analog from Central Saudi Arabia. Melhi, Mohammed Homoud A Load balancing algorithm for distributed computing systems. Ahmed, Abdisalam Thwsis Modeling of biological wastewater treatment in sequencing batch reactors.

Rayhan, Abdallah Mousa Rezq A grafting approach to neural network construction. Al-Saadi, Saleh Nasser Envelope design for thermal comfort and reduced energy consumption in residential buildings. Jamal, Ahmad Conjugate free convection heat transfer in vertical eccentric annuli. Aziz, abdur Rauf Reduction in bond and the strength of kfpum due to corrosion of reinforcement.

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Khurshid, Hassan Effect of bolt layout on the mechanical behavior of bolted kfhpm. Iqbal, Mohammad Owais Numerical investigation of pulsating flows in abrupt expansion pipes. Al-Towailib, Hassan Saeed Comparative study of computational methods for the solution of the two-dimensional reservoir flow equations.

Rafiq, Mohammad Rahil Routing prediction for probabilistic mobility model using neural networks for ad-hoc networks. Abdel Jalil, Pasl Abdel-Hamid Design and construction of a liquid incinerator; a novel method for fast chemical measurements and feedback control. Muhammad, Said Abdallah A Methodology for the high level design of object-oriented software. Al-Alawi, Jasem Role of parity violating Hamiltonian in-non-relativistic quark model for non-leptonic hyperon weak transitions.


Iliyas, AbdulJelil Xylene stransformation over Y zeolite in a fluidized-bed reactor. Al-Salman, Hesham Muhammad Ibrahim Application of space-time trellis codes for image transmission over wireless channels.

kfupm thesis template

Yousuf, Muhammad On the margin stability of interval matrices. Tayyar, Haitham Fahmi Hassan A new model reduction scheme for linear time-invariant systems with polynomial. Ahmad, Jaber Shabib Salman Reduced thesid models for synchronous machines. Al-Qahtani, Ali Saeed Subjective assessment of indoor air quality in office buildings.

Refai, Jubran Ali Ahmed A Modified nodal formulation parametric sensitivities for power system analysis. Mahamud, Mohamed Muse Durability and thermal incompatibility of concrete constituents made from local materials in the Arabian Gulf Countries.

kfupm thesis template