I think this definitely makes it a little more interesting than how I had it last time. It still surprises me how many packets are required just for one ssh login. But now the fortune happens at a somewhat random moment, so it feels less in the control of the person who is getting their fortune read. In fact the only thing that would show up was these, which occurred every few minutes: See the visualization here. Computerized Creativity and Commentary. Ironing and VR, sounds like a weird combo?

ITP is hiring an Educational Technologist https: Announcing Adjacent Conference 1, in conjunction with the launch of our 4th issue: I think this is pretty similar to a traditional physical oracle deck, and the envelopes are pretty easy stand-ins for cards. The test loops in between three sections: I got a list of English words from here , and then wrote a janky script to take the last digit of each value of each location object, and then find the corresponding word in the list. At first, I played with a bit of randomness, but I realized that for this exercise, it was better to make sure that the script was written in a way such that the results would be the same each time.

But just sitting quietly, a little bored, allowed me to hear both things at once. It was interesting to see the common network providers in the sites I regularly visit, but I became mostly curious about the locations they were associated with.

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All three of these places are located in New York City, but running a traceroute shows that the packets bounced around to more far-reaching places in order to get to their respective websites.


So to begin, I had Wireshark capture one minute of packet activity on my wifi network at home. You can download the data in a json file that looks like this: I started by running the traceroute command in my command line: There would definitely be a lot more technical and conceptual work to be done for this project to be really good, or to be a Chrome extension that might be good enough for someone to actually want to use.

The deck is shuffled, and then the querent picks an envelope. You can check it out here. But here are some snippets I like: But I wish I knew more about what he did to change it, and how he knew for sure there the duplicates were accidents.

I was trying to work with this TSA Claims Dataand spent awhile manipulating the data so that it would sum the total claims per airline. I also then tried logging in via FTP: In fact the only thing that would show up was these, which occurred every few minutes: I also then tried logging in via FTP:.

Computerized Creativity and Commentary.

And the winner last night was …

If you only have one or two tabs open, it just feels more relaxed. ITP Thesis Week has begun! Unfolded Realities thesis showcase flyer].

There were a number of different things in the data, but I looked specifically at how religious people reported themselves to be, and what percentage of people with the same levels of religiousness had cheated on their spouse. And if anyone else imputed their livestrea, Google location data, they would get one result.

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I then used Maxmind to find the associated coordinates and other info based on IP addresses:. Saturday, April 27, pm, with a performance by Carrie Sijia Pivestream at 7: An entire floor dedicated to artistic expression, technological advancement, and social commentary was open to the public on Tuesday, May 15 and Wednesday, May 16, when the NYU Tisch School of the ….


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So I added an effect so that when you hover over a bar, it changes color and tells you how many people were in each category. Our last one in the Manhattan space!

I decided to use this very old dataset about extramarital affairs. At that moment, it counts how many tabs you have opened and give you your fortune. Breath of the Wild, for a full 24 hour day in-game.

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My electronic ritual is standing on a mountain in the videogame, Legend of Zelda: I got it to look like this which involved figuring out how to change NaN to A city who cares about the usability of its Open Data can do better. For my final, I worked on improving my tabomancy Chrome extension that would give you a daily fortune based on how many tabs you have opened.

ITP Big Screens ihp It also got pretty boring after awhile in spite of its beauty, which is in line with what I feel when I sit in one place in nature as well. Anyway, this was a fun exercise in making the internet feel a little more physical.