The clients remain the same and so become “your” clients. The search box Enter one or more words. Full-time work is not , however, the same as full-time employment, where you receive a fixed monthly salary irrespective of how much you work. I’m employed as a cleaner with a different company, but consider switching to HomeWork. Yes, it’s also possible to work part-time. We also guarantee not to contact your current employer unless you explicitly mark in your application that we may do so.

Please note that theses are not found using this filter. The work is done during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8 a. If you include all the time you spend on unpaid work such as marketing, invoicing, and book-keeping , and then compare with HomeWork’s hourly rates, you’ll probably find that the rates at HomeWork are about the same as, or higher than the one you get as a self-employed cleaner. The first two cleaners, who started at HomeWork in , are still working with us. What are the pros and cons of working as a cleaner with HomeWork? Yes, it’s also possible to work part-time.

Unlike a self-employed cleaner, however, you avoid the instability, the administrative problems, and having to think about work when the working day is over. In full-time work, your salary remains hourly based, and varies from month to month, partly because you receive different hourly rates depending on your clients’ ratings, the areas you work in, and the length of your cleanings, and partly because the number of working days varies from month to month.

Compared to other cleaning companies, who rarely are able to offer other than part-time work, full-time work is, however, a considerable advantage. We thank you again for your interest! How long can I work with HomeWork? You will then mark this in your application, and we will arrange to make all interviews and tests at times that suit you, for example evenings and weekends. Study room Reserve a group study room for you and your friends Reserve.


Welcome to the Library information desk. In Sweden, there are more than 14, cleaning companies, and a large part of these are self-employed.

Welcome to HomeWork®!

Many also appreciate that it’s not sedentary office work, but physically active work. The retirement fee is Which skills do you require? We agree with our clients that they will have one and the same cleaner, and if you leave after a short period, it will result in dissatisfaction for omömen clients and problems for us. E-books and printed books: How do I apply without my current employer finding out about it?

Normally you have two clients per day, sometimes three, but never more. What are the pros and cons of working as a cleaner with HomeWork?

You’re also welcome to visit the reference desk at the library, call or book a librarian. And compared to having your own ‘private’ clients, you will, as an employee with HomeWork, be free from all the risks and homeworkk in working ‘black’ and illegally. Compared to being a self-employed cleaner, as a home cleaner with HomeWork, you will, for example, never need to handle complicated administration, worry about finding new clients when current ones terminate, or search for replacements when you become ill.


The longer you work, the better it is for our clients and for HomeWork. During the exam period, beginning May 20, the Main Library at campus Johanneberg has extended opening hours. OnArchitecture is an audiovisual götebodg for institutional users, architects, academics, researchers and students, featuring the main trends in the field of architecture. I’m studying, but want to work extra on weekends, modömen, and holidays.

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Enter words from the title of the journal to get to the list of e-journals. Please note that theses are not found using this filter. I’m self-employed or have my own ‘private’ clients in cleaning.

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You can also borrow markers, USB sticks, headphones and chargers. Otherwise, we unfortunately cannot offer you a job.

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göyeborg Students from the Math department at Chalmers offer peer tutoring to fellow Chalmers students. Full-time work means that we create a full-time schedule for you, so that you’re booked approximately 40 hours per week.

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We’ll meet at Kuggen at Tuesdays 3. Follow us Follow us in social media for the latest info, competitions and fun.

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I have no Swedish personal number. If the first part is interesting for us, we will ask you to complete a second, full application.