The case is the same with the unborn fawn. He changes his mind and decides to push the dead deer into the river. But on the other hand, if he leaves the dead doe lying on the road, it may bring a fetal accident to his fellow travellers. Such items differ from objective interpretive exercise only by the fact that essay questions are used instead of multiple choice or true or false items. The speaker throws the dead doe into the river although it has a live fawn inside its belly.

Darj identifying information and financial information are used to create your FAFSA profile and determine your eligibility for aid. The last two lines are trying to tell us that human actions are not always consistent. You should not swerve the vehicle in the mountain road because otherwise you could meet with accident on the bend. Magazine, allah walo ko tijarat ki mohsin hay, pabandi-e-waqt, maan ndhi ke , step into your essay road quarrels ki pabandi karti rules urdu typing. Always keep in mind “URL without nofollow tag” will consider as a spam.

A topic sentence conveys the main idea of an individual paragraph essay on driving in the dark hseb usually appears at the beginning of the paragraph.

Essay on driving in the dark hseb educating more people and educating them better appears to be the best single bet that a society can make. Everything iz fair in love and war Just For Fun. Add a comment Cancel reply Your email will not be published.


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He walks backward to notice a recently killed pregnant doe. What does the poet finally do? Who are all those travelling through the dark? On a minor note, it is ironical also that we kill innocent animals but can’t decide what proper action to take.

What did the poet do?

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The speaker feels the warm belly of the dead doe and seriously thinks about the future of the fawn and imagines different things about it. For this reason, I agree with his quick decision to get rid of his existing dilemma. It is night time and the car is passing through the mountain road. The speaker seems to combine various moods in the poem.

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In the third stanza, the physical action ceases and mental actions begins. He notices that it is pregnant and the unborn baby is still alive.

essay on driving in the dark hseb

Often, our human actions shift from high thoughts to petty inhuman action, not out of our own volition but because of the circumstances or state of affairs. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. How do you explain its significance in the poem?

Do you agree with what the narrator did? Yes, I agree with what the narrator or poet did. Nepali Astrologer Reference Website.

But he also knew that it could not be born. Sorrowfully, he can do nothing. What is meant by “my only swerving”?


essay on driving in the dark hseb

Why does he hesitate before pushing the dead animal off the road? By pushing the doe into the river, he cleared the road for other travelers. He travels through the heights and along the jungle. Thus, after deep thought he pushes the dead deer. The first stanza describes the speaker’s act of finding the dead doe.

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Morality is about taking the right decision and right action in a complicated and also in not-so complicated situation. He went on to publish more than sixty-five volumes of poetry and prose. William Stafford was born in Hutchinson, Kansas, on January 17, It is an irony that sometimes we are forced to do things against our inner voice. Show how the action develops stanza by stanza. They were promptly rallied by General Breckinridge, who, having preceded his other brigades, reached the ground at that moment, but as they were very much cut up, they were not required to renew the attack.

The poem is about a travel or mountain trip made by a group of men who are probably nature travelers.

The dead doe was disturbing travelers and posed the risk of accidents.

essay on driving in the dark hseb