As such, the feminine is intricately connected to the laying bare of the constitutional void of the symbolic, but perhaps especially when these protagonist operate under a phallic principle of substitution, with endlessly shifting objects of desire. Antigone is after all concerned with the chthonic laws, the laws of the earth. Like in the first chapter, the focus is on the other characters; Nana is lying in bed, dying of smallpox, and we hear nothing of her voice or complaints. Here, her shortage of money is introduced, a theme that continue throughout the book. The Impersonal, yet Unreliable, Narrator The first word of the novel, throws us right in the middle of the problem: In undoing the relation between subject and object, Deleuze and Guattari also redefine the notion of desire and its object; desire is thus productive, not based on a constitutive lack as in the framework of psychoanalysis.

To Nana, though, his most significant feature, aside from his money, is his being a bore. In the aforementioned passage on the golden fly, she is initially compared to a plant, then described as a force of nature: Though it is a somewhat derogatory term, it is embraced by the characters as something desirable, in line with their desire for destruction and degradation. After having left masochism she is coerced to partake in a support group for sex- addicts, in order to keep her job. The deliberate emphasis on the fictional quality of the works serves to underscore the constructedness of the narratives while running counter to the particularity of the individual story.

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The anxiety of the masochist divides therefore into an indefinite awaiting of pleasure and an intense expectation of pain. Both are characters relating to European cultural heritage and, interestingly, the depiction of Messalina is modeled on a specific statue of her, with a particular way that she holds her veil.

Crucially, not all cuts matter in equal amount, and not all cuts are equally apt for yielding results, due to the specific material constraints; the experimental setup is not arbitrary, the results are reproducible and constitute a localized causality.

In Lacanian theory insatiability is the defining parameter of desire.

Certain points on these topics will be incorporated in my analysis insofar as they solidify the themes I explore, but are not in themselves focal points. K carefully emphasizes the importance of this blood knot and its skin-breaking capacity. Flaubert does the contrary: She will say whatever gives her control over men, and she is able to read almost all men sexually, she states.

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Will to make a fresh start. The falsifying narration works on two levels: Nevertheless, her feeling of emptiness prevails and her desire decidedly takes on a phallic quality.

Moreover, she is annoyed that he is not responding sexually to her stories, as she expects him to. There is no stop word, and it is neither theater nor a game for him. However, fantasy is also linked to nzna desired object in Lacanian nna, specifically what he terms objet a see page Apart from the recurrent theme of Nana as Venus, it also foreshadows the plot of the novel, where numerous intrigues between the actors are prefigured in the musical.

The doubling of information makes a point of differing from traditional ways of telling, and shows the coupling of image and sound to be chosen, constructed. Rather than taking offense at being equated to an animal, she welcomes this naming of the horse and finds it amusing. In this precise sense, one could say that the Stoics, Husserl, etc. However, the various modes, though they share in the transgressive instance, cannot be analyzed simply as variations on the same. Matter is also affiliated with the Lacanian concept of the real.

Sensuous Theory and Multisensory Media. It is clear that the essential testimony of the mystics consists in saying that they experience it, but know nothing about it.


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It seems, then, that the task is not so much to gain dissergation as an oppressed group, e. The author also capt ures the political and social unrest of a struggling working class in his novel Germinal, where starving miners rebel against the bourgeois class that exploits them.

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There are two fundamental ways of doing this: I call this form of symbolising the common, that is, the principle of distribution and completeness that leaves no space for a supplement, the police [police] The way these images are embedded in the film contradict a conventional filmic logic that avoids a purely illustrative use dissergation images dissettation voice over. In the Flaubert reception and scholarship the notions of style, realism, and narratology are central, due to the fact that Flaubert was a key innovator on all three counts, and Madame Bovary exhibits an extremely complex narrative voice.

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The debt that reality owes to her spiritual enjoyment becomes the very material debt, which will, in the end, be the cause of her suicide. Emma, then, does not seem concerned with revenge against a larger structural order but, rather, at times, masquerade as a man and, at times, bemoan her own particular female misfortune.

This renders him unable to account for the process of naa sense from matter. Bronfen notes how this intangible and elusive quality of her desire is transposed into somatic language: As she comes while being whipped and her skin breaks and bleeds, the film cuts to her levitation, her experience of feminine jouissance. Both shy away from the norms and customs of society and the Law, but mana Deleuzian one does diseertation seem to have a strong enough capacity for dealing directly with the structures and institutions.

Where, in the first chapters, set in her apartment and in the theater, the atmosphere centers on claustrophobia, overheating, and overstuffing, the last half of the book seems to increasingly focus on emptiness, void and dissolution.

Moreover, the golden quality unites the descriptions of zoa.