Daniel Dewey , Siddhartha S. This approach focuses on the motion of holes rather than that of robots per se. Campbell , Gary K. We evaluate our algorithm in accurate 2D and 3D simulations of scenarios with up to 10, modules. The ensemble principle is carried even further in the latter project; robots are unpowered until they adhere to a powered robot. Here in Quantum dots we can manipulate no of electrons trapped by adjusting the voltage to the metal. Likely spherical in shape, a catom would have no moving parts.

This paper describes Vouivre and its integration in DPRSim which is an interesting case of integrating different timelines in one simulator. Results in simulation show These territories have different levels, in scientific term called discrete energy levels on the order of De-Broglies wavelength. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Our state capture and introspection system also provides data that may be used in higher-level debugging tools as well. In Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on Embedded networked sensor systems SenSys , pages ,

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claytronics research paper

Stanciland Seth Copen Goldstein. This will require new schemes for quickly organizing and reorganizing such a large computer network.

Efficient Simulation of distributed Sensing and Rfsearch Environments. One of the primary impediments to building ensembles with many modular robots is the complexity and number of mechanical mechanisms used to construct the individual modules.

This paper presents the specification language, describes the distributed online mechanism for detecting distributed conditions in a running system, and evaluates the performance of our implementation.

Claytronics Group Publications and Papers

Nels Beckman and Jonathan Aldrich. We also harness the magnets for more than locomotion and adhesion, i. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Applied Physics Letters91, As part of the Claytronics project—which aims to build very large ensembles of modular robots—we investigate how to simplify each module by eliminating moving parts and reducing the number of mechanical mechanisms on each robot by using force-at-a-distance actuators.


This has prompted many researchers to look to metamodules, i.

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In addition, we identify a significant challenge for probabilistic inference in dynamical systems: Just as bouncing gas molecules exert pressure at the edges of a balloon, bouncing holes interact frequently with each edge of the ensemble without the need for global control.

One of the primary impediments to building ensembles of modular robots is the complexity and number of mechanical mechanisms used to construct the individual modules. A moving shape will necessarily force catoms to constantly and quickly change positions, breaking connections with one set of catoms and establishing new connections with others.

We call this design principle the ensemble axiom: Now the question that arises is how our robot can transform into any shape and size so quickly and without using mechanics.

Macroscale friction experiments show that eVACNFs exhibit reproducible effective friction coefficients up to 1. Claytronics Case send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

Debugging Large Multi-Robot Systems.

Additionally, we are also investigating the feasibility of redearch these unary actuators to improve docking performance, implement intermodule adhesion, power transfer, communication, and sensing. In a balanced atom no of electrons and protons are same, so no of electrons indicates atomic number as well.


This paper presents a novel application of modular robotic technology.

Vertically aligned carbon nanofibers partially embedded inside polyurethane eVACNFs is proposed as a robust high friction fibrillar material with a compliant backing. We have successfully written correct, efficient, and complex claytrnics for ensembles containing over one million nodes. Using the technology of hydraulics our robots can lift or crush anything of any size that comes into his way.

claytronics research paper

Besides high friction, the proposed fabrication method improves fiber-substrate bond strength, and enables uniform height nanofibers with a compliant backing. This paper presents that language, describes our fully-distributed, online mechanism for detecting distributed conditions in a running system, and evaluates the performance of our implementation.

claytronics research paper

Our watchpoint description language can handle a variety of temporal, spatial, and logical properties spanning multiple robots.

The emergence of nano-electromagnetic communications ba- sed on graphene nano-antennas has opened new perspec- tives for communications between small things, referred as to the internet of micro-things or even as the Although this work is potentially revolutionary in the sense that it holds out the possibility of radically altering the relationship between computation, humans, and the physical world, many of the research questions involved are similar in flavor to more mainstream systems research, albeit larger in scale.


HoburgPhillip B. An Instance of Programmable Matter. A scheme is also proposed to aid in optimized fiber adhesive design. This reseacrh presents Meld, a programming language for modular robots, i.