This portion struck a chord with me because I came from the other side of the country to attend college here with similar ambitions. Look for some specific examples of things it said they DID expect to find. The essay starts out with a description of what foreigners experience when they first arrive to Los Angeles International Airport. Throughout the passage he gave many examples of everything in his surroundings that gave us a brief description f what LA had to offer. How does point of view affect meaning? The universal ideas about life and society that the author convey in this essay is that things are not always what they seem according to the article The blue skies and palm trees they saw on TV are scarcely visible from here:

The comparison that Lyer used in the passage was located in the first paragraph were he said ” They come out , blinking, into the bleached forgetful sunshine, with dodgers caps and rodeo drive t-shirts”. Please respond to the following questions about the essay by adding a comment to this post. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jack Eccleston May 21, at 6: Mckenna callendar May 21, at 6:

How would it be different if told from another point of view or perspective? That to me meant that there were so many things that the city has to offer.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay

Unknown October 30, at 8: Newer Post Older Post Home. He used juxtapostition to compare those unlike things to a movie and a show – The terminator colilde cops. In these situations the theme is implied because the writer does not make a specific statement telling readers the theme of the text.


Where worlds collide | Harper’s Magazine

Try to provide a little more detail. How does point of view affect meaning?

Where are they from? This site uses cookies. I believe that its to ewsay full extent because just by observing someones culture you can tell a lot about it. I thought this was interesting as it makes me appreciate the idea that being in different airports around the world, I am able to grasp worllds different cities and cultures by just being in the airport, which is pretty cool Iyer mentions many ironies through a few juxtapositions in the airport.

where worlds collide pico iyer essay

You are commenting using your WordPress. What I can relate to in his essay is his personal experience, when it thinks of just arriving to New York for college; I was expecting to see glamorous fashionistas or celebrities. Pico indirectly encourages people to just sit at airports and observe to learn about all the different cultures. I also liked how he spoke about how airports are mini cities and that whatever happens at airports are just at a smaller scale of the city.

Pico Iyer “Where World’s Collide” Reading Response

He was an immigrant when he arrived here and how the experience is still the same for others who arrive at LAX today. This shows the variety of cultures that meet in the airport. You have identified a key theme of the essay and cited an important passage to support your claim.

I agree with this comment because i believe that a persons first expectation of traveling will be enjoyable and relaxing. Iyer later discusses his own personal experience with LAX and how it has affected his life.


Where worlds collide

In the space below, draw or sketch a few significant images from the text. Also, don’t forget to respond to the second half of the question: Asia Paul May 21, at 6: With regards to Iyer’s opinion, I was hoping you esday describe how he feels about LAX being a junction for colliding worlds. People have their different perceptions on people and their cultures, such as in the passage Lyer stated that “voices are repeating over and over, in Japanese, Spanish, and unintelligible English.

Theme A text may contain more than one theme.

What words would you use to describe the atmosphere in the essay? Overhead, they can see the all-too-familiar signs of Hilton and Hyatt and Holiday Inn; in the distance, a sea of tract houses, mini-malls, and high rises. Esasy Eccleston May 21, at 6: Pages Home Register your Accoount.

Period 2: Pico Iyer’s “Where Worlds Collide”

I think he included it to paint a picture to his readers. He says that lots of people have to get a part time job while they are trying to make their dreams come true, to save money. Nathalie Voigt May 21, at 6: Los Angeles is often portrayed cillide the location where dreams come true and people strive for success.