Summarise all information about persuasive text types and persuasive language techniques, incorporating metalanguage, visuals, examples and effect. Tagaran — has unique qualities — is intelligent and fearless — her connection to Rooke reminds us of the central theme of language as a mode of communication which is essential in all human relationships. You will be required to use metalanguage and display a high level of analysis for this section. How can you improve your revision tools and practices? Pienaar uses inclusive language to coax his team to embrace the fact that they are all one country with 43 million South Africans supporting the Springboks. Love for family is at the centre of both Priam and Achilles actions and values. Post apartheid South Africa, start of Rainbow Nation.

Ransom written by David Malouf Genre Narrative fiction. What does this exam involve? How the young Daniel Rooke comes to harbour a mature and moral outlook that defines him as an adult is the central driving force of the narrative. Complete lots of timed responses to questions so you get used to writing under pressure —this is VERY important. Then, aim to write a response in minutes.

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Nothing about Achilles ritual topicw and the speed of his chariot carrying its macabre cargo are positive. Firstly, read the background ransoom on the front page that gives you the information about the articles, then read the language analysis article or articles and visual texts. These occasions of humour present the reader with brief but vital moments of reprieve amid the violence and brutality inherent in the narrative.

TSSM was the best thing I did for my schooling. Animal imagery is used to present Achilles as wild, barbaric and merciless.

vce ransom essay topics

Once the Springbok team was accepted by black South Africans it represented unification at least in terms of sport. Argument and persuasive language. Ways the author uses to construct the text: Learn quotes related to themes and characters that will be used as your evidence in essays.


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Afrikaners language For 27 years while in prison Mandela studied the Afrikaners language so that when he became President he wanted to have an understanding of the white elite and find ways to include all South Africans together Nkosi Sikelel iAfrica Nkosi Sikelel iAfrica is the new national anthem that Pienaar wants his rugby team to learn. In the past, VCAA have moved away from traditional newspaper texts for this section.

Instead, they have included text types such as Powerpoint slides, blogs and comments and letters from a school principal, etc. Revision guide Your revision menu Writer’s corner.

Below, you’ll find a revision guide that outlines how to approach each section of the exam, with some study tips for each section.

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Achilles softer side is more to do with essag mother the sea goddess Thetis that allows him to embody a duel self. As soon as the 15 minutes reading time is up, go straight to Section C: Stick to the arguments and do not respond with too much detail or long-winded quotes from the articles.

vce ransom essay topics

eszay Please email TSSM to provide you the numerous benefits of attending. What can else can I do before the exam to prepare? Essentially the reader needs to find out in the texts how the author: This will help you memorise key content points for the exam. By demonstrating Rooke as an admiral character the text argues that human commonality should be respected.

Both texts explore ewsay about what it is to be a man, presenting notions of leadership, family, work and battle in politics, war and sport. Text Analysis on each text including: The novel Ransom is set during the Trojan War but begins after Agamemnon called on Achilles to surrender Briseis to him and Achilles refused, withdrawing his Myrmidon forces from the latest battle against Troy and creating an open intended insult.


Remember that the English exam is 3 hours, but out of that time 15 minutes is reading time. What can I do to study for Section B of the exam? I suggest that you fssay yourself 50 minutes to write each essay. In this case, the change becomes of paramount importance in Ransom as King Priam dares to re-imagine his role by stepping outside convention and inventing a different path.

It has been a privilege to teach you. According to Kent, the protagonist Agnes Magnusdottir struggled against the limitations and expectations forced ransoom her by society, some of which are due to her gender and others that are the consequence of her position as a landless servant.

Invictus / Ransom – Summary Notes for Paired Comparisons

He appeals tipics humanity and in doing so raises the question of what is means to be human. Springbok supporters Springbok white supporters refuse to applaud Mandela instead jeering his arrival. Tagaran — has unique qualities — is intelligent and fearless — her connection to Rooke reminds us of the central theme of language as a mode of communication which is essential in all human relationships.

In your essay you are going beyond the literal [factual] meaning of the words in the text to find significant and unstated meanings of authors.