How did you and your classmates react when you first read it? Were there other options Logan might have tried? The scholarship jacket was better than a sports school jacket. How did his image of himself affect his schoolwork? Afterward, he reflected on his responsibility for the deaths of his friends.

In my life, a lack of communication caused problems on three separate occasions. Marvel will probably go on to get an advanced degree. Marvel irritated her teachers by getting to school before they did. Marta stresses again how important the scholarship jacket was to her and how hard she worked to win it. This would have spared him the humiliation of being singled out as a charity case in class. Many students will probably blame Tyson Baxter for driving while intoxicated but also blame his passengers for underage drinking and getting into a car with a driver they knew had been drinking heavily.

See if you can state the thesis in your own Welcome to Pete Hamill ‘s WebsiteWhy Sinatra Matters In honor of Sinatra’s th birthday, Pete Hamill ‘s classic tribute returns with a new introduction by the author.

The Yellow Ribbon By Pete Hamill Thesis Paper

One day the meanest kid in the school, Chris, decided to beat up George. Several William Tennant students, interviewed on the condition that their names not be published, said that, because of the accident, they would not drive after drinking during senior week, which will be held in Wildwood, New Jersey, after graduation June But I knew I had no choice.

Some students may suggest that Marvel should have been promoted, but to a class geared to students with learning disabilities. You will select and organize the methods you wish to include in your paragraph after accumulating as many ideas as you can.


Marvel has made real progress in reading and writing.

thesis statement of the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

What values did Marta learn from her grandfather? Logan wanted to be kind to George, but he wanted even more to be accepted by the other students.

Lupe credits her fellow Hispanic students with being a great help to her in college.

Wanting her children to know hammill English and Spanish, Lupe switched to speaking Spanish at home once her children knew English. She left me and guided Curtis to another section of the room. Write a paragraph discussing two or three ways adults can add more reading to their lives.

The Yellow Ribbon By Pete Hamill Thesis Paper

These may include a job, a difficult home situation, your social life, your extra-curricular activities, or anything else that poses a challenge to your academics. Although all the dead teenagers were legally intoxicated, the parents blamed Tyson Baxter for killing their sons.

As you know, it has always been free. Devote each of the supporting paragraphs in the body of your essay to one of those qualities. Lupe enrolled in school, where she was given an IQ test in English.

What is an implied thesis for the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

Write a paragraph about a personal conversation you have had with a stranger. Many people are thrilled, some even to tears, by this story.

I was fourteen and in the eighth grade. Students will probably say that the inexperienced young people sense something unusual about the careworn Vingo, whose appearance and attitude are such an obvious contrast to their youthful high spirits.



Perhaps it was a pet in your own home or in the home of someone you visited frequently. This led him to feel ashamed of his own actions.

thesis statement of the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

How you think hamill learned about story the yellow ribbon How you think hamill learned about story the yellow Directions: The author states that in high school, she avoided classes that a. What lessons, if yelow, did you learn from the experience? You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes!

One skill that Lupe already possessed which helped her master her college courses was a. In your opinion, which types of students are not well served by the average school?

Explain how you reacted to their judgments— did you accept their remarks, or did you fight to disprove them? Marvel is surprised to find herself looked up to by fellow students who also have difficulty reading. Write a paragraph that describes the situation and how you acted.

thesis statement of the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

For each reason, provide specific details or examples that help illustrate that reason. Like Marvel, we all have made decisions that changed our lives, such as the desire to do any of the following: That day, for the first time—I realized that Mother had been right.