Occasionally, the achievement of the “Licentiate” degree does not require the formal writing of a thesis , although almost always, some amount of research is required. In Argentina , the Licentiate degree Spanish: The latter essentially indicated the rank of seniority in the various faculties arts, theology, law, medicine , whereas the licentia was literally the licence to teach. The pontifical Licentiate is a canonical pre-requisite for entrance into a pontifical doctoral program: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Remember me on this computer. The Licentiate’s degree is called a filosofie licentiat in Swedish and filosofian lisensiaatti in Finnish Licentiate of Philosophy , teologie licentiat and teologian lisensiaatti Licentiate of Theology etc. The Licentiate of Engineering corresponds to ECTS credits 80 workweeks old credits , or nominally two years of full-time work, whereas a PhD amounts to ECTS credits workweeks old credits , or a nominal period of four years of full-time work one old credit equals one week of full-time studies. The pontifical Licentiate is a canonical pre-requisite for entrance into a pontifical doctoral program: It is part of the cycle of baccalaureate, licentiate, doctorate in theological formation in the Roman Catholic Church.

They are postgraduate diplomas — meaning that the student would normally have completed a typically three-year Bachelor’s degree first — and can be completed in either two years or three.

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Currently the only institutions in Australia to grant licentiates, apart from theological colleges, are the Australian Music Examinations Board and the Australian College of Music, which confer licentiate diplomas, including the Licentiate in Music, Australia LMusA. The main purpose for having such a semi-level is to enable students, who cannot finish PhD studies but reached certain significant level of additional rechteh around first half of PhD studiesto get certificate about finishing one stage of the PhD studies and continue those studies later in life.


In line with the Bologna Processthe degree has now been replaced by master’s degrees with bachelor’s degrees being newly introduced. Other qualifications for canon law include an inter-denominational LLM program at least one university Cardiff kuleven, though this degree would not have canonical effects in the Roman Catholic Church.

The new Licenciatura degrees that are now being awarded in Portugal and in almost all Europe with varying local designations, are usually three-year programs. Students are required to write a thesis in luleuven to graduate.

To get to the specialist level, it is needed first to pass master’s degree, then study for a year, after which the candidate need to defend the final specialist academic thesis which is a document describing a research in the scientific and professional area, winning additional 60 Theis for overall study.

Licentiate (degree)

The durational requirements to obtain a Licenciatura vary depending on the profession studied, however, most universities require the completion of the curricula within four to five years. In Argentinathe Licentiate degree Spanish: It was the second level of university study, after that of Candidate or Kandidaat in Dutch or Candidat in Frenchabbreviated cand. It should also emphasize the instrumentation for the teaching of Sciences at the fundamental level and for the teaching of biology at the intermediate level.

Retrieved 3 July Archived from the original on 28 September Log In Sign Up. All university students completing these four years will get a Grado and may then go on with Master’s studies one to two years, ECTS credits. The doctoral thesis, on fechten this book is based, was awarded, inthe annual Mauro Cappelletti Prize for the best comparative law thesis defended at the European University Institute, Florence. That studies between 2nd and 3rd level of education are equal to Licentiate level.

These Licentiate diplomas were awarded by professional bodies, and were accepted by the General Medical Council for registration as a medical practitioner, but were not university degrees and were regarded as being at a slightly lower level thesos bachelors’ degrees in medicine.


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It also allowed specialisation in areas of the law which were either not covered by other legal qualifications, e. Consejo Nacional de Rectores.

thesis kuleuven rechten

Due to the developments introduced by the Bologna Process in the mids, in Portugal the licentiate’s degree Licenciatura may refer to both old and new Licenciaturaswhich were awarded before and after the Bologna’s reforms, respectively. Remember me on this computer. Retrieved 5 July The Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science in the Anglo-Saxon universities are awarded upon completion of studies. Prior to the Bologna process, the master’s degree was not considered an official academic degree in Spain, as the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate studies could only be done directly from a Licenciatura to doctoral studies.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In Costa Ricaa licentiate belongs to the second level of education gradelower than a master’s degree but higher than a bachelor’s degree, according to the Office for the Planning of Higher Education, part of the National Council of Rectors.

thesis kuleuven rechten

Doctorate studies will in most cases require a research-oriented master’s degree and may or may not include specific courses. This book offers a theory about the nature and essence of minority participation and representation, kuleuvwn describing possible problematic aspects, which need to be taken into account when devising minority participation and representation various institutions and mechanisms.

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