Steps are listed below: Then they can easily be edited globally later. What is the best way to insert source code examples into a Microsoft Word document? The best work-around is to use the default simple text box. I am sharing the approach and my reasoning of why I chose this approach. And let’s admit it, Word is not great at managing multiple images on a document. A couple of points.

Academia Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Code snippet shall have a nice border. This is related to this answer: I certainly understand you. Code snippet shall have spell-check disabled. Nicklaus Wirth should have his Turing award revoked for starting that execrable typographical practice. I agree with the why.

What it does do is support dozens of languages, whereas the aforementioned IDEs are limited to a handful each without other plug-ins.

The most common formatting I have seen is to use Courier or Courier New as font, and put keywords such as int etc.

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You can now make cross references, create a table of figures. Thirdly, vormatieren find the optimal Word-only solutiontry to review first several pages of more then 3M results of Google search source code highlight word document. This however does not automatically add style to keywords, numbers, strings etc.

thesis formatieren word

The post is longer than I would have liked, but I believe screenshots are always helpful. You will have to get in ” Table Properties ” for fine tuning. Hope that answers your question. Thhesis and pasted to Word: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Mohamed Alikhan Sord Alikhan 7 I recently came across this post and found some useful hints.


I’d suggest using TeX, which would make it much more comfortable for you. Nicklaus Wirth should have his Turing award revoked for starting that execrable typographical practice. I tried “top and bottom” so the text would be only before and after, and Word would magically move the box up or wor, sometimes the caption would not be visible, ah what a pain.

Steps are listed below: OTOH, if the author will make the code also available electronically, then those who wish to study it in more details will have an option to open it with their preferred editor possibly with syntax highlight, folding and many other nice features. You can using Plugin Syntax Highlight in Ms. However, I ended up using an entirely different approach which suited my needs.

Are you bound to Word-the-program or Word-the-file-format?

As someone who is used to LaTeX, doing this in Word is extremely painful. The result is a figure.

thesis formatieren word

To achieve requirement 5, follow the steps below: My examples are primarily in Java. Why are you using Word for writing your thesis? Since applying a style is the best way to ensure compliance with document format requirements, Word is not very useful for documenting software programs.


That may be tricky to automate in MS Word though I do not want to suggest to paste a piece of code and add line numbers manually, and then repeat this procedure again after you’ve modified it! How to format code in a thesis Word document? Code snippet shall break across pages smoothly without any extra effort.

Write or copy into the document, then use a fixed type font, arrange formatting and hope that Word didn’t worr stuff for you. Then, under styles, deselect the “margin” property in “.

Steps are listed below:. Steps to achieve syntax highlighting are listed below: Hopefully, the answer would be useful to someone.

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Then run the macro on each code block. Right click the object, and select ‘add a caption’. This gives me the option to use line number, as well as very nice syntax highlighting.