Also, this is quite the common sense. Now, head to the Putrid Altar. Going there from Alespa Street is pretty fast. To the “White Night” HQ. Make your way to the right. Eventually, you will get to the Mushrooms Valley, and go through that, you get to Lugant Village.

Just keep healing when you are low, and continue to attack. Switch to Ainna and use the summon “Poizorif” at that moving mushroom. Go to speak with Kisana. The lasers are easy to avoid as long as you keep moving. They can be very similar but they are still different.

Summon Night EX-Thesis: Yoake no Tsubasa – Guides and FAQs

This is protected by International Copyright Law, break or violate any of these rules may resulted in severe civil and criminal penalties. You will get to a boss fight. Change to Leonus and use Zelgyunos at the dead end.

Item Box in Pebbles’ Wasteland Ki: There is also a rock here you can break. In the end, a boss fight. After, go up and clear enemies.

summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa walkthrough

Go back up and speak with Muga. Focus on Exena and attack the side enemies only when you need to.


summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa walkthrough

Those often come out months later. But the thing is, you will need to redo the whole switches area and then back track to where you are. After the scene, head to Putrid Altar.

Continue up and fight another battle here. Hit the blue one then the red one, get the item box and move on. Related Games you might like to see: It can break the rocks you have encounted so far. I move on from games to games fast, so keep yourself updated. Must obtained the two slates in Act 6 and 7 – Speak with Worel couples times after the Gate Of Reincarnation is destroyed Exit out this place and return to Alespa Street. Next area after that, there should be an Item Box to the right and once you open it, you should get the another katakana and you will get a new summon, Dritol.

Item Box in Lion Ridge Ni: Now, go north from this village to get the White Wall Sacred Mountain. Now, since the floor has been raised up, so get back to the area with the previous yellow switch. Go to speak with Kisana.


Summon Night Ex Thesis Iso

In that area, at the right part, there are now 2 person over there. There is a new path to the east, take it. Cross and go to south for another battle. Check the walkthrough Ennin Orochi, En: After, you will get to anther save point shortly. After you beat her, you get another Sword Skill Book.

Head to Lugant Village for a scene. Watch out for its claws though, move out of the way when you need to. So, make your way ALL the way back to that area with the last save point you were at. But eventually, you will need to come back to Alespa Street. To open the gate, you need to change to Ainna. Attack Vexar with Ainna, and attack Linear with Leonus.

summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa walkthrough