Since 39 people have died in Western Australia due to fatal car incidents, that more then triples the deaths caused by shark. The Great White has been listed as an endangered species due to the over hunting of them for shark teeth and there fins. In addition, researchers collect scientific data from many of the species that are caught. It was a 3m female tiger shark caught in meelup beach. He has used strong language to stress the point to the audience. Accessed May 23,

Much the same was true for crocodiles, first protected in Western Australia in and then in the Northern Territory in From saying this, the majority of the Western Australian people are against the laws that Barnett has put in place. After all, they are the ones that created it. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! English Oral — Shark Cullings Shark Culling Each year in Australia, the number of deaths from shark attacks ranges between zero to three deaths.

We must not allow this negative fictional image to form the basis of state or national policy. But even if we consider the recent disappearance of a swimmer at Cottesloe beach as a shark attack although unconfirmedthen in reality there have only been three fatal attacks in WA in the past 12 months.

And beside him, a shark swim peacefully. Scientist from all over Australia, as well as Marine Life Advocates have been trying to drill in to Barnett that there are better solutions available, and that killing them will have no impact on decreasing the fatal attacks. History and experimentation actually proves culoing ineffectiveness.

Shark Culling

Especially when the Great White shark is an endangered species. Do not swim near people fishing or spear fishing. The program failed to create any kind of significant decrease in shark attacks but managed to kill over sharks. The prime suspect implicated in all of these attacks is the cculling responsible for most fatal attacks, the white shark Carcharodon carcharias.


This means that it is hard for them to recover there over hunted population. Available editions United States. From saying this, the majority essya the Western Australian people are against the laws that Barnett has put in place. Even if a shark bites or kills a person and is then hunted to be destroyed, there is no guarantee the shark that is found is the one responsible for the death.

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours cullinng The most recent of these attacks was on a diver off the north coast of Rottnest Island on October A world without sharks means disastrous effects including the collapse of fisheries and the death of coral reefs.


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Hyndes hopes to emphasise that there are other solutions rather than culling these precious species. Art History Descriptions Goblin Shark. At this point shaark shark will either decide to move along without further interaction or he might decide to take an investigative bite. He hopes that this will resinate with his audience and have the intended effect of getting the audience to think about this law and if it is as good of an idea as it was once seen as.

shark culling essay

ewsay The first shark that was killed since the program began was just after 7am on Australia day. The ocean is the home to these species, and us?


Retrieved May 23,from https: In many cases, the total catch from shark nets in a cuulling is the same as a few days by fishery boats off the coast. A limited time offer! If Shark culling keeps going the way it is then it can begin to tamper with our primary air and food sources.

A quick, illogical solution to so called protect the people. Revenge is not a meaningful strategy on which to base policy nor is it worthy of an educated nation such as Australia.

Barnets plan to combat this is by killing off any sharks which exceed 3 metres long in the Western Australia waters. These are personal and cullinv tragedies that implore us to find adequate solutions.

shark culling essay

The other, involving a body-boarder, took place at Bunker Bay on September 4. Write an article and join a growing community of more than 84, academics sjark researchers from 2, institutions.

The Great White has been listed as an endangered species due to the over hunting of them for shark teeth and there fins. But is this the best way to deal with an animal whose natural environment we invade by the thousands every day?

shark culling essay

Follow us on social media. Hyndes implies throughout the article that there is a division between those who want public safety and those who want to protect sharks.