Also included in the snapshot is information about average times to completion. This stipend can also be increased by taking on a teaching assistantship. Candidacy is typically achieved by the 36 th month of the program. Can I defer my offer of admission? The guaranteed funding period corresponds to the prescribed program length: Applicants are admitted under academic regulations i.

In order to successfully submit your thesis via the E-Thesis submission process, the final version of your thesis MUST be in PDF format and must be named using the following file naming convention: Can I take leave to participate in an internship or startup? Is there a way to verify whether my supporting documents referee letters, transcripts, etc. Which courses are required? Publishing Page Content 1. When will a decision be made on my application?

The standard for this paper is that it could reasonably be submitted for peer-reviewed publication. The more detailed answer is that while we do not have a residency requirement, graduate courses are offered in-class with our internationally-recognized faculty.

You must clearly communicate that you understand what graduate school is about, that you understand the opportunities we offer and that you are a good fit for graduate studies here. Graduate courses taken as a special student may be transferred for credit if a student is subsequently admitted to a degree program at the U of T in accordance with the SGS transfer credit policy.

In circumstances where scores expire shortly after the application deadline, applicants may receive a conditional offer, dependent on retaking and passing the test prior to uhiversity start of the fall session.


Producing Your Thesis

How many applicants get an offer each year? How to Cite Sources Citation and style guides. As the two programs cater to different interests, your statement of purpose should be tailored to each program. Please make sure that it remains valid and that you check it regularly. Interest then o on the 15 th of each month starting in October. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.

It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. When will a decision be made on my application?

How many hours per week do the programs entail? Which courses are required? It varies from year to year. Overall, it is important to submit an ETD that has a consistent and readable appearance. There are a number of tools available to help you manage your thesis files. We can also be reached thesiis email at gradapplications cs. MSc students must satisfy breadth in 3 different Methodologies of Computer Science and PhD templqte must satisfy breadth in 4 different Research Areas of Computer Science direct entry PhD students must satisfy breadth in 3 different Methodologies and 4 different Research Areas.

If you are outside of the funded cohort, you must pay the minimum toroonto to register by August 31 st.

sgs university of toronto thesis template

The courses must satisfy breadth in three of the four different Methodologies of computer science. Use OD4B to manage thesos sync your thesis files and also to share them with the members of your thesis examining committee see below.


Please visit the SGS website for postdoctoral fellows for details. Will I still be considered? Studying at U of T Will I attend a program orientation?

Producing Your Thesis

Continuing studies courses are not offered for degree credit. The results must be presented in a thesis and defended at the departmental oral examination before the doctoral final oral examination.

sgs university of toronto thesis template

These events are usually held in the first week of September, prior to the start of classes. Be sure to give the name of the application you used to create the file and the version of that application, e. Both domestic and international students in the funded cohort who are planning a summer term leave are asked to inform the Graduate Office in January of their intention to take a leave.

We encourage students to use the University of Toronto Housing resources. They may be able to offer you assistance, but this is not guaranteed.

MSc and PhD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

TOEFL scores are valid for two years from the test date. Use of these resources is optional:. All applications received between October and December will be considered for September admission. These requirements include proof of: