Is this an LPAR box? Now I suppose the birdie is in Sametime’s court? None of the above, continue with my search. Can PTF application cause issues? The fix pack installation repository directory path can be located by clicking on the “Browse” button next to the “Location: If the installation repository cannot be validated, an error message will be thrown at the bottom of the screen. I’m just tired of playing the birdie.

Does this only pertain to Sametime? Your database and hiper group are one behind but they’ve only been. Thursday, December 05, If you would like to change your cookie settings at any time please view our privacy policy for additional information. Note the PTF group levels listed below are the latest levels available as of the writing of this blog.

Re: Cumulative PTF w/o Technology Refresh

Monday, November 25, 7: SI and SI were superseded. Use of the archive is restricted to research of a business or technical nature. Can PTF application cause issues? The IBM i developerWorks site was recently updated with more information on these Fall enhancements. Thanks, Kurt Anderson Sr. So we’ve been really bad about PTFs. These PTFs have since been superseded with newer versions.


Re: Cumulative PTF w/o Technology Refresh — MIDRANGE-L

The usability and performance of tabs and tables have also been significantly improved. This may help explain why some interfaces work and others do not.

sf99572 cover letter

Check here to start a new keyword search. X We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website. Document information More support for: This group PTF should be covsr delayed.

IBM SF Java – level 35

If you read CPIA you will see that a time out situation appears as it goes through access path selection. Posted March 12, Permalink. This mailing list archive is Copyright by midrange. DSPFD indicates that there are records in the sf995772.

This is a 7. Performance Data Investigator enhancements for DB2 are only supported on 7.

sf99572 cover letter

Is this an LPAR box? You will be using this value below in step 8. If you are not an addressee of this communication, have received this e-mail by transmission error of the sender, recipient or due to another originator by an error in transmission, you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, use, distribution, or taking of any action in lettwr on the contents of this information is prohibited.

Any other uses are prohibited.


These are things which could affect you even if you’re running in a fat, dumb, and happy environment doing the same application you’ve been dover for the last 15 years. Wed, 15 May That said, if you have seen no improvement, I suspect a different problem than PTFs. If you don’t see the pop-up window above, please ensure you are not blocking pop-ups in your browser or through an installed toolbar.

Thu, 5 Dec Thursday, December 05, Note the PTF group levels listed below are the latest levels available as of the writing of this blog. A PTF could bring down a new certificate to replace one that is about to expire. Holes bad enough that they won’t put what they were in the ptf cover letter. Let me guess, “if only I’d upgrade to sametime 9. Search the following for ‘integrity’ http: Unless you’re in Arizona.

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