I have been thinking a lot about communication and how we communicate. At first he tried to free-hand it. I told them to think about the goals I told them about at the start of the week and honestly tell me how I am doing so far. So we started with why… Then students researched flexible seating online and visited other classrooms to see ideas and draw inspiration. I think about her when I am offering options to my kids. It is a spoken word poem that I listened to three times and could easily watch again…and again.

Some wrote a summary: I want to spark the possibility that they CAN. I encourage you to check it out and engage in the comments on blog posts. Notice the learning that is happening everyday. Then we took inventory and created our wish-list. Another cool element of the week was student-initiated action. In thinking about starting my year back in the classroom I decided that I — like many other teachers around the world -was going to outlaw homework!

I mentioned in my last post that I had recently been introduced to Weebly as a website creation tool.

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He listened to Erica explain that she thought a lot about what she wanted to do, then how she researched, visited, talked with, observed, listened, and asked questions to educate herself, and then put her ideas, knowledge, heart, and soul into action to go out and do something to make a difference.

So the first month of school has come and gone… and what a month it was! A warning bell of inquiry. Notice the learning that is happening everyday.


What if we were to observe our kids and identify things that stand out to us both positive and negative and build units of inquiry with those things embedded in them? I also post homework, ideas, polls, and all things related to life in 4D. Story books, information books and chapter books. What social skills do our kids lack? From there, families explored all the perspectives together and made a decision about whether or not they wanted homework in Grade 4. So now it is time to share with you how it went.

This could be at recess, while students were playing, while students were setting up the classroom… anytime, anywhere! Social Studies Concepts — systems, community, relationships, perspective, choice, transformation, rights, democracy C1. Is there anything you would like me to know?

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A few weeks ago I shared my plan 01 inquire into my students as people and document what I discovered about them. And some wanted to email the parents to see if anyone would donate what we were looking for.

On Doubts and on Fear! Authentic Inquiry Maths is a blog by Bruce Ferrington.

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In my previous role as PYP Coordinator I shared my perspective about why I think it is important to involve students in setting up homeworm classroom. She has written an excellent, detailed post supported by real-life examples of the work of her students on the topic of Infographics — making numbers sing.

pyp 001 homework

It started with a Tweet: This brought up a great discussion about the difference between work and learning. Our first attempt was my worst nightmare. You are behind your team! Again I created a Google Form, but was also ready with paper options.


Today we looked briefly at six different ways of taking action with thanks to Richard Black, PYP teacher in CanberraAustralia — his homeworj, my layout:. We then watched some videos to support our understanding of the central idea and the Exhibition process: Some students wanted to sketch a mock-up of what the classroom might look like when it is done. Some students made themselves choice boards: The one student who disagreed, said I should do it again but on a smaller scale, maybe not the whole room — which gave me something to reflect on.

Would I do it again yes hoework And at last, all of our supplies were organized in the unique way that worked best for that individual.

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One of the most amazing transformations of the week was the layout! Some wanted to build a 3-D model. Students quickly realized this was a massive project and asked if everyone could help. Then when it was time to label the countries one student thought it might be helpful to use the globe as a reference.