International students are eligible for all Psychology Department awards for which they meet the other specified criteria. An honors designation cannot be added to a degree already awarded by the college. Undergraduates Honors Program [X] close. Chang Undergraduate Diversity Research Award. Apply and conduct research with mentor Senior Year:

Undergraduates Honors Program [X] close. Graduates wear their cap, gown and honors cords for this event. Apply for the Tanner Memorial Award. This website will allow you to search for faculty who are doing research with your topic of interest. Students have the option of participating in the Honors Program graduation ceremony, but they will probably not know what if any level of honors they have received before the ceremony. Participation in the Honors Seminar may satisfy: An Irrationality of Market Valuations Mentor:

psych honors thesis umich

Students must have at least a 3. Students have the option of participating in the Honors Program graduation ceremony, but they will probably not know what if any level of honors they have received before the ceremony. A qualitative study of Asian American College Students. The thesis is formatted tesis a standard research journal submission, averaging 30 pages in the American Psychological Association APA style.

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Stephanie Kim – Sibling relationships, birth status, and personality: The reports of all readers will address the quality of the science reported in the thesis, as well as the quality of the written presentation. Lord Umiich Hung – Clutter in the Classroom: Incentive Salience Generation in the Neostriatum. Haley Rough – Neighborhood crime and its effect on neural reactivity Mentor: On the Relationship between Cognition and Technology. Examples of LSA Awards are: You may seek an extension of the deadline so that you can complete the thesis and graduate at a later time.


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If you cannot meet it, you may postpone the date of graduation until the following term in order to muich the honors evaluation to be completed and included with your degree. Stephen Chang – Stress and Reward: It was amazing to start a research project from the beginning and see it all thssis way through.

The thesis is typically double spaced pages, and must conform to standard American Psychological Association APA format. Edelstein Lolita Moss – Still in the Shadows: India and the United States.

If you have trouble logging in to Sharepoint: Brandon Klein – Loss of a Job vs. Zainab Ali Ahmad – Wandering Eyes: You can ask to meet with them to discuss working with them on an independent study or an honors project!

psych honors thesis umich

Academic Honros and Success. The primary focus in Senior Honors II is the continued implementation of a student’s honors research design culminating in the final acceptable honors thesis and poster preparation for the year-end poster session. Steps to Graduate In order to graduate, you must do the following: Course content, assignments, meeting times and grade requirements are arranged with a psychology faculty member.


This course may be taken for a maximum of 4 credits. All deadlines are weighed the same; it does not help or harm you to apply by a specific deadline.

psych honors thesis umich

Change Your Kerberos Password 3. Then, when you have a few specific projects identified, approach the faculty researcher to find out how to get involved in their research. Students are expected to submit their application by one of the umlch set yearly June and August to begin during Fall term.

Students must verify that their honors research has been accepted for presentation before any award funds will be distributed. Current Psychology Department majors presenting their research at a major regional e.

Plan ahead as the Mentor Pre-Evaluation must be completed before submitting your thesis. Keyword Search of psych 0″ v-on: Exploring Gender Differences Mentors: