Since , Australia has recorded a real, average annual increase in per capita GDP of 1. Expect DECADES of reduced spending on family-related items; expect deprived childhoods to be the subject of media comment in years to come. In interviews last year, he insisted that these deficits have given Australia a competitive advantage that still holds – notwithstanding progressive increases in the size of them. Again it is useful to think about why any such imbalances across the Australian states are not a cause for concern. Australia’s current account and debt problem: This money constrains expenditure to income or poduction. Reducing taxes for businesses and individuals is always politically profitable and is generally the right economic policy to approach.

It has the same effect. Those of us who earn money by working have put something into the economy. One reason that might increase concern as we move from transfers between households to crossing state borders to crossing national borders is that the information asymmetry about the return journey increases. As Guy has implicitly admitted, it is caused by spending financed by lending that exceeds savings spending forgone. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way.

So what sovereign wealth?? The Howard Costello regime, as observed by others here in relation to private credit, was responsible for this thing careening right out of control. The sort of economy we have built cannot be sustained.

The younger working households save, the middle-aged households borrow, while the older households run down their stock of accumulated saving.

Bank lending allows the borrower to buy products to which they are not entitled. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter.

If there is a sudden stop like what Debelle talks about: The other serious flaw in the continuous CAD is the structure of the economy and the resultant social structures austrwlia society you end with. This can usually only happens through a contraction.


Add to that a distorting incentive to accumulate debt gearcompromise otherwise sound positive cashflow principles and effectively halve the required rate of return on an asset class and…bang. The movement of manufacturing industry to use cheaper labour is perfectly sound economics. People are not enslaved when they have a career and regular employment.

Pitchford Thesis Australia

For example, in the recent episode, the funds that made their way to the US housing market over the s had australi long and non-transparent chain between the provider of the funds and the ultimate borrower.

The other thing is with continual CADs the private sector will go into substantial debt in the next couple of year as the government tries to get into surplus — as per government forecasts relayed by Saul Eslake a couple of months ago on this website.

Adrian The movement of manufacturing industry to use cheaper labour is perfectly sound economics. Things like that can be pitchflrd easily modelled with computer simulations run under different assumptions for scenario planning and analysis.

Stop worrying, and learn to love trade deficits

Some other weird stuff tied in with the CAD: These are the main prerequisites identified for an optimal currency area. I had got some relief from Leigh Harkness articles in the recent past. We have run a CAD continuously for the past 50 years save for pitchfotd year we had a small surplus back in about People like Debelle should be sent back to school and educated on Game Theory and mathematical modelling not for the purpose of giving them strictly quantitative modelling tools which as we know can end up in disasters like LTCM and MBS risk models but for the purpose of gaining some insight into stability pitchfordd instability of complex systems of which many are inherently unstable or only stable under very narrow set of conditions.


Inevitably, this is pitchforc with a domestic recession.

pitchford thesis australia

To me, they got caught up thinking their dogma was the reason for increased national income, thus allowing tax cuts. The other half, sustralia half that really matters, is that in any current account imbalance, someone has to be moving the savings of the prudent group to the borrowings of the risk-taking group.

Canada increased GDP by 2. Subscribe to this RSS feed.

pitchford thesis australia

We will fund the next few years by selling off even more of it at a greater rate. Excellent piece, but I have a suggestion — you need to play the men bankstersnot the ball Banks. The economic failure is when the exchange rate rises to synthetically raise wages and force industries and jobs offshore, leading to failing industries, unemployment and lower real incomes. Wherever is it, i like to look over more to do with that publishing, thanks.

Much of this concern appears to stem from a fixed exchange rate picthford. Ottawa to ship tonnes of garbage from Philippines back to Canada by end of June.

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pitchford thesis australia