Arabica, Robusta,3 Excelsa, Stenophylla and Liberica. Most of my years in university were during the final years of the Marcos dictatorship. Letting go of its initial misgivings to partner with government, the company has found that a multi-stakeholder partnership can provide the dynamism and sustainability that it needed to address the Barako challenge. To ensure a holistic approach in the change management including support mechanisms for human resource; to install the necessary systems to enable the organization to achieve its objectives. This saddened Figaro, as Barako. The idea is not to reinvent the wheel but to work with existing NGOs, corporate foundations and local partners and adopt programmes that work in the areas of poverty reduction, health, education and the environment.

There are other programs and events that provide this crucial link of having a common language among staff and these must be maintained and sustained. Implemented in seven developing countries, the purpose of the initiative was to collect and document information on business-community practices as perceived by all stakeholders, build partnerships with them and promote corporate social responsibility practices. However, due to weather conditions, it cannot be natively grown in the Philippines except in some mountain areas, and therefore is mostly imported. Foundation benefits that could be converted into the staff’s personal accounts were converted. To address organizational morale, seen and felt to be negative due to the series of changes and the redundancy program, venues were provided where staff concerns could surface. The following graph illustrates quite clearly the trend that PBSP was facing for its five-year plan. Mechanization and increased efficiency in other parts of the world had greatly brought down the price of coffee.

As President Benigno S.

Case study: Philippine Business for Social Progress – More than wishful thinking

Newspaper articles commend CEMEX Philippines as being in the forefront of community projects, describing it as the business with a social responsibility and with excellent community relations.


For effective change management, the organization must provide the requisite financial investment. Financial efficiency trend of PBSP The Corplan team tracked the internal efficiency ratio of PBSP, plotting down overhead expenses in relation to revenues generated by the organization. The organization was aware that its human resources could accomplish these objectives, provided there was a high level of commitment; positive morale generated and, most of all, that necessary competence was gained.

The same year, Antipolo First Lady Mrs. The comprehensive blueprint of PBSP’s objectives is on three levels covering the next five years: It is important to note that these cases were written as examples of business-community initiatives.

pbsp case study

The Philippines has set itself targets corresponding to Goals 4 and 5 of reducing the under-5 mortality rate from 80 to The strategy is formed by management staff and assisted by technical staff in consultation with major stakeholders, donors, beneficiaries, partners, etc. The company owns cqse cement plants and is a minority partner in 17 other plants. This includes the merchandising coffee as a group using the Kape Isla seal the seal of the Philippine Coffee both domestically and internationally, and enjoining hotels and such to serve Philippine coffee.

The top rating agencies have already given the country an investment grade rating. Today, APO has become a source of pride for most of the communities around it.

Tête-à-tête with Rafael “Rapa” Lopa of Philippine Business for Social Progress | BCtA

Change management program A change management program was instituted to ensure that the attitudes, frame of mind and perspective of the staff will complement the requirements of the five-year plan.

Internal audit functions were lodged with both the finance unit and the operations group. In JanuaryFigaro now working with Dr. He organized a farmers’ cooperative that ran a coffee mill known as SMSK.


We are delighted to commemorate our 10th anniversary as the world’s Armed with posters and leaflets, they promoted the virtues of proper waste disposal in caring for the environment.

pbsp case study

The progress already made suggests a strong probability of reaching the target of decreasing poverty to Eight percent came from interests and investments. Since then, I have found myself involved in development work. InI cwse blessed to serve as executive assistant to former President Corazon Aquino after she ended her term.

In Amadeo, Figaro met Mayor O. Father Roger hailed from the southern province of Bohol and has made coffee his life. With the aid of the Ladies Club, reforestation efforts have been started and sustained along the quarry access roads and on the limestone hills of Naga.

The key challenges facing the tree-planting project are where to get seedlings and where to get land. Will the march of AI be a bane or boon pbzp global development?

This saddened Figaro, as Barako. Creation of new units or groups Figure The Internal Audit Unit was scaled down to an internal audit function headed by a manager.

They also ensure that the spirit of the organization remains essentially the same. The design of a communication plan which would supplement verbal discussions or explanation and reiterate or highlight important points; to widen the reach of the information including external publics.

Originally seeing consumers as their primary community, the company adopted charities in the cities where it had its strongest market share City Blends. Log In Sign Ppbsp.