Find out more or adjust your settings. Any major differences of opinion as to the qualities possessed by any candidate are discussed at the final debrief between the President and the Board Members. It is imperative that you are competent in the use of SDT calculations when you attend the RAF Officer Selection Board — they are an integral part of testing throughout the assessment. You will be required to undertake speed, distance and time test questions and two planning exercises. He was also told that he struggled with problem solving skills. A very nicely written appraisal of the exercise phase at Cranwell.

The 10 minutes flashed passed very quickly. It goes into detail about all the exercises, what they’re looking for etc. The questioning at the end of the exercise is designed to be tough and assess how well you cope under pressure. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Before they knew it, the 2 minutes was up and the syndicate was told to return all the equipment back to its original position and then to move quickly back behind the start line. Military Aviation A forum for the professionals who fly military hardware. Much like the first one, but usually with easier maths.

The boarding officer briefed that the first exercise was a Leaderless and would last for 30 minutes. Sample responses and answers to assist you in your development.

Royal Navy Officer Interview Training. Find More Posts by Pontius Navigator. If you’ve been selected to solvinng to OASC you’ll get an information booklet with your confirmation letter!



John took particular note of this part of the briefing as he knew that any limitations or rules would have to be taken into account during all of the exercises in order to create a full and credible plan. The boarding officers will watch you develop your plan, and then grill randomly selected members of the group on various aspects of it.

In other words, we already have too many people in the training system. You don’t have a calculator as all the DST math is fairly simple That will help you if they throw a spanner in your plan.

Walkthrough sample practise questions and responses.

He found it very challenging but answered all of the questions posed as best as he could. My apologies to the the staff at OASC.

RAF Officer OASC | Planning Exercises & SDT | How2become

You need to come up with a solution to the problem. By the end of the questioning, the Board Member, who will have been marking throughout this period, will have noted the qualities apparent in each syndicate member as well as confirming, or otherwise, those qualities already noted as abovein addition to mental agility, flexibility and reaction to pressure. In my Specific are of interest which is the RAF, I would be interested to hear from Pilots or alike who have undertaken, or know of the degree’s available whilst training, oaac any others who could nudge me towards a so,ving on the above.

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A very nicely written appraisal of the exercise phase at Cranwell. Mine was a mountain rescue scenario and I was the team leader Improve general pgoblem and be competent in the use of speed, distance and time SDT.


Capitals are not optional at the beginning of sentences! The 6 exercises were completed in what seemed like 5 minutes and the syndicate looked quite exhausted. We left him as he was about to receive the Individual Planning briefing from one of the boarding officers.


The Board President observes the performance of each candidate remotely by CCTV and makes his own judgement and assessments. You will be questioned on the problem, your solution and the alternatives you considered. If you are having to do long division and coming up with answers involving decimal places you have gone wrong and it’s time for a rapid re-think John was directed to place his notes on the empty table and then to stand beside the map.

oasc problem solving exercises

Find More Posts by Unchecked. The first 2 minutes of the exercise was spent in a survey of the course. Learn how to impress the interview panel to achieve higher marks.

oasc problem solving exercises

He was also told that he struggled with problem solving skills. Powered by GDPR plugin. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. You can do it on long journeys by estimating how far you have to travel and noting your speed and trying to work out your ETA Be alert and quick to respond to questions. This has resulted in a bow wave of students that the RAF does not actually need due to the impending cuts.