Muhammed Nasir Uddin, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Syed Mehdi Bokhari has opened up the unkown part of Pakistan to the world. You are commenting using your WordPress. Neelum is one of the most beautiful valleys of Azaad Kashmir, and it hosts several brooks, freshwater streams, forests, lush green mountains, and a river. Sitting inside, I felt as if I were riding on camel-back. Its importance of being an educational and knowledge hub looked more of a distant dream now. Bukhari bhai you are a great photographer but one request, please refrain from artificial effects in waters, it is in many of your pictures.

The valley can be approached from two different points. The valley is no doubt a great place to visit specially with frends and family and in that way can enjoy the beautiful places and the nature aswell as can enjoy the local dishes and the fruits that can be found there. There was a time when I had given thought to the idea of travelling across Kashmir with these nomads to arrive at the Deosai plain, and then journey on to Skardu, enjoying the hospitality of the Bakarwals gypsies, sipping tea from steaming cups. Several languages are spoken natively in the district. A long a beautiful series of Himalayas mountain starts from here to Kaghan, Skardu and Chillas. Sep 20,

Really Pakistan is very beautiful.

Trip to Neelum Valley

Agonized by this disclosure, we looked at each other seeking solace as there was nothing we could do about it except wait to reach Athmuqam. Dodnial This place is situated about 32 kilometers forward from Authmuqam at an altitude of about meters.


Kashmir was once a place where Hindu was taught and learnt. Perhaps, the entire valley takes its name vallet this village.

The air was still chilly. It is a beautiful village came while going from kel to taobut Helmet: The rest house once again was pretty good and luxurious.

Neelum valley is reputed to one of the most scenic place in whole of Pakistan.

Pakistan&#;s blue gem: Neelum Valley – Multimedia –

I live in Alberta Canada, where we have the Rocky mountains,from which govt earns millions of dollars through tourism. Indeed it was one memorable experience of my life and I am sure the others feel the same way. Those areas esswy as follows: TaobatAzad Kashmir, Pakistan. To the south and east are the Kupwara and Bandipora districts of Indian Kashmir. Thanks Mehdi for showing us the hidden beauty of Pakistan. Upon reaching Kel, trek to Arang Kel which is only a 2 kilometer hike away.

neelum valley essay

The stars had come out, the night was otherwise dark and moonless. You may also like Vast plain is surrounded by the small yet beautiful lake and gushing water. It just takes the will and a little money. This is how it has vallley in This site uses cookies.

Neelum valley

The valley has thick forest, streams and rivers. Al-Beruni describes the geography and conditions of this temple:.


neelum valley essay

Due to land sliding path is not seen. It nelum a village named Gagai, and you can get to this place only by travelling on foot.

neelum valley essay

The local dialect is not completely intelligible with the ones spoken in the rest of Pakistan. Any how, thank for uploading such images.

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My knees collapsed into the soil of Kashmir. I wonder if the author could provide a key map of the Valley in relation to the country and location where the photos were taken; it will help the readers a great deal to identify location.

The panoramic lush green valley is profound in fruit and wildlife. Pak could earn billions in tourism if there was the will.

I never knew we are so blessedge the. Let me write of the students Those seekers of the truth Who came seeking the truth at the doorstep Of the great and the mighty, but never returned These innocent who, with their dim flickering lamps Came seeking light Where they sell naught but the darkness of long endless nights.

One can easily have a clear view of the patrol of both the countries.