Girls in India go online. Social media as authorship: High school students using data analytics for writing. Contact Document Supply for more details. David Pearson Research Award Committee. Cape Town, South Africa. Springer Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory,

Negotiating researcher positionality in multi-sited literacy research. Tracing impact through data visualizations of networked writing. Global youth connect online. An Ethical Commitment to Reciprocity. English Education, 42 4 , Developing data literacy with adolescents:

Cosmopolitan practices, networks, and flows of literacies.

lra dissertation award

National Documentation Centre Greece Cybertesis. Institute of Education Sciences. Review of Research in Education, 41 1 Authoring resistance through youth media arts.

Theses and Masters’ dissertations

A blind copy of a 6-page double-spaced abstract of the dissertation — Part B. The role of global audiences in writing online. A Collaborative Inquiry into the Impact of Writing. Teachers and their students negotiate social media M.

lra dissertation award

Networked collaboration in the Write4Change online writing community. The following databases index theses and dissertations, as well as journal articles in their subject areas:. The system stores completed Masters dissertations selected by departments as examples of good practice for current students.


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Research on Digital Media Literacies and Writing. Research in the Teaching of English, 50 3 Invited talk at Lehigh University. Journal of Literacy Research, 49 1 Writing for global audiences. Proper kitchens and global youth: Invited featured talk at the ora meeting of the National Writing Project.

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Equity oriented research in high school makerspaces. Harvard Educational Review, 86 3 Expanding freedoms and creating connection: An Ethical Commitment to Reciprocity. Media and Communication, 7 2.

lra dissertation award

Personal tools Web Editor Log in. Using participatory analysis of timelapse video in qualitative research: Disrupting educational inequalities through pra digital activism. What can we learn from Black fans?

Ethical considerations for online literacy research. Mobility, Language, and Literacy Conference.

Cover Sheet Title of degree One page vita University granting degree and date granted Name of dissertation chair must be current TCPEA member word summary of abstract Name, mailing address, phone, e-mail of student submitting Part B: Panel awagd with T. The role of the teacher in writing transfer. Learning, Culture, and Social Interaction. The labor of global connectivity.