Eventually, the particles will turn into grit and sand. Spurn Point — a coastal spit formed by longshore drift. The hard rock is more resistant to the costal processes and the damage from weathering. Long shore drift is the transportation of material along a beach. We were told that in order to calibrate the clinometer the shortest person in the group was to use the clinometere to get an accurate measurement. As the result longshore drift transports material from the beach to the south of the groyne and is not replenished.

Water erodes the bottom of the stack and a stump. Porlock Bay is situated on the west coast of England. Abrasion is when the pebbles collide with the cliff as the waves break, resulting in angular fragments of the pebble being eroded making them rounder and smoother. Essays Plag Checker Hire Writer. This is because falling rocks from weak cliffs could fall at any point. Firstly we measured the angle of the facet using the clinometers but we had to calibrate the clinometer. How about receiving a customized one?

I could have used a more accurate pebbleometer, clinometers and tape measure. You can see that both Hurlstone and Gore Point both loongshore the first highest facet. An image illustrating longshore drift. The headland has faults and cracks due to coastal erosion occurring at all times.

Longshore drift transports material along the length of the Holderness Coast. View the coasts menu.

Longshore Drift – A Level Geography

This is illustrated in the photograph below where a large rock groyne lonfshore Mappleton stops the supply of new beach material. The swash moves beach material along the beach and the backwash, under gravity, pulls the material back down the beach at right angles to the coastline.


As to my hypothesis of pebble sizes that they are going to get smaller as they travel from Gore Point to Hurlstone, this prediction was easay.

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As pebbles travel from west to east attrition is occurring at all times which means the pebbles bang together and become smaller. I conclude that my investigation went successful and i found out there are costal processes occurring at Porlock bay. Pin It on Pinterest. This could have improved my investigation as the results I would get is more accurate.

Hydraulic action also breaks off angular rocks of the cliff which is gathered on to the beach. During our stay in Somerset we visited many places, which include Porlock Bay, Hurlstone point and Porlock Weir where. If frift took measurements from points between Gore Point and Hurlstone, I would have got a more wide range of results which would make my results more accurate.

We observed each pebble and matched it to the correct description. Our study is on coastal processes and management at Porlock Bay. However, the soft rock is less resistant to the effects of weathering. At the southern-most edge of the Holderness Coast material is then deposited forming Spurn Point, a coastal spit. The sizes of pebbles at Longshode Point are smaller than the pebbles at Gore Point.

longshore drift essay

I have presented my class results on a bar graph. We then used the powers index card to justify roughly the shape of each 30 pebbles which we picked up.


Is porlock bay affected by longshore drift?

We arrived at Gore point and we were told to get into groups of 4. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? The backwash then brings the material back down. We measured the pebbles using systematic sampling.

What has been the dominant direction of longshore drift in the past along Deal beach?

We picked up 30 pebbles in total. Long shore drift is the transportation of material along a beach. The size and energy of the wave will depend on the speed and the amount of time the wave has been moving.

How about receiving a customized one? We dritt Gore Point which is west of Porlock Bay. We could have used a ranging pole instead of clinometeres which could have given a more accurate result of the facet gradient.

The soft rock easily erodes where as eessay hard rock is much harder to erode so it stays there and the rock then is called a headland. Firstly we measured the angle of the facet using the clinometers but we had to calibrate the clinometer.