There are at least a dozen different editions of Microsoft SQL Server aimed at different audiences and for different workloads ranging from small applications that store and retrieve data on the same computer, to millions of users and computers that access huge amounts of data from the Internet at the same time. That is the front end of the system, which the users of the system interacts with, it comprises of both inputs and output forms. Mass illiteracy, acute shortage of high skilled manpower coupled with most uneven distribution of the skilled people that are available , woefully inadequate socioeconomic infrastructural facilities, housing. This system will address the issues of the manual system which include. Passing out ceremony is the last stage of the NYSC scheme. These reports are management oriented.

Skip to main content. The operation of the application is made convenient and straightforward for the end user. This is graphical representation of step by step by which computer can follow to execute a task. Human Resources Management HRM involves the use of both quantitative structured and qualitative unstructured information. The new system will help in faster collection of data. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR The paper is presented as a literature review discussing the impact and criticism of NYSC posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission. AddWithValue ” n”, txtNo1.

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National Youth Service Corps. Summary and conclusion 1. Hence tactical decisions are prevalent here.


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The present high cost of material, access to a personal computer unit for running literaturw debugging of the application program, transportation expenses to and revies the site of computer etc.

Discusses system Investigation and Analysis. Faced with these almost intractable problems, which were further compounded by the burden of reconstruction after the civil war, the government and people of Nigeria set for the country, fresh goals, and objectives aimed at establishing Nigeria as: According to Uzoka in Hampo, J.

Martinsons and Robert M.

literature review on nysc posting system

At this point the objective of the organization plays some crucial roles. The total price includes only the project material price.

Literature review of nysc posting system –

This is to note and address any unexpected shortcomings of the system, or oversight on the part of the system designer or the staff of NYSC in Delta State. Passing out ceremony is the last stage of the NYSC scheme.

Also, to create a level playing ground for all prospective corp members. So, this research is to design and implement an automated system for NYSC posting. Also, the proposed system is an asset to the scheme not a liability as it is a fund generator. Rules associated with the poxting type are obtained or set and used to process the text field for the defined task example posting.


These inputs are coupled to the systems database and comparison is made with the pre-stored data in the database. To review management systems and decision making. There is no military conscription in Nigeria, but since graduates of universities and later Polytechnics have been required to take part in the National Youth Service Corps NYSC program for one year. The intricacy of systems at present has aided the world optimistically and pessimistically rsview in the straightforwardness of difficult task done by humans, also in automation of human life almost in everything done by human.


Most recently, information systems have nhsc developed to provide information to support decision making.

literature review on nysc posting system

More sophisticated decision algorithm should be use in decision making in regards to this system. Summary and conclusion 1.


This involves running a series of tests on the new system, so as to check for errors and to verify that all components of the system are run simultaneously and then observation and comparisons are made and documented. Joseph Mangut and TerhembaWuam Eds. To review existing literature youth service 2. A set instructions combined together to perform specific task Manual processing: As a developing country; Nigeria is further plagued by the problems attendant upon a condition of under development, namely; poverty.

literature review on nysc posting system

This is done to ensure that the new system holds true to the advantages it should have over the existing system without posing any complications of its own. NET is that it is object-oriented and has many programming tools that litedature for faster development and more functionality.