User charges for health services in developing countries: Persuasive essay topics social media. The few who know about health insurance are those who have travelled and become exposed to this information. Increasing number of health care professional and accountability Health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, and other health care assistants are the key actors towards the provision of health care services to individuals. This delivered essential information related to specific research objectives and questions.

Furthermore these automobile pharmacies will enable the NHIF members and others individual to participate fully in other economic activities essential for development of both levels namely personal and state level as the time for movements will be reduced. Health insurance schemes were perceived to have many advantages by both members and non-members, including offering financial protection to members, making members feel at ease when their relatives were in hospitals and building on solidarity to help other community members. National Health Insurance Fund deals with? A total of households per village were then randomly selected from a complete list of households. It is important that Kenyans understand the implications of new financing mechanisms and that their preferred design features are put into consideration to ensure acceptability and sustainability. Secondary data was collected from various sources of documents. Other complaints included poor hospitality, including rude hospital staff and inadequate ward facilities overcrowded wards, inadequate bedding, worn-out patient uniforms and poor diet.

National Hospital Litrature Fund: Some expected their contributions to be refunded by end of the year in case they did not get sick or have the same forwarded to the next financial year. Moreover, the government should ensure plenty supply of health centers and medical facilities to accommodate other members who are not the beneficiaries.

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In most cases, respondents linked their understanding of the role of health insurance to literatufe past experiences, or those of their friends and relatives: The fall and rise of cost sharing in Kenya: In the financing strategy, membership of health insurance schemes will be compulsory for all Kenyans.


The segregation leads to the NHIF members not to access services quickly as other patients do. The current health financing system is highly fragmented, implying that the rich, who are mainly covered with the comprehensive NHIF, enjoy a wider range of benefits at all levels of facilities, while the poorest rely on out-of-pocket payments or CHF and mainly benefit from services provided in public primary health facilities.

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The study also points out the direct challenges facing rural beneficiaries is contributed by insufficient hospitals and low quality services rendered by the NHIF. Regarding benefits package, it was clear that people preferred a comprehensive package that included both inpatient and outpatient services, although inpatient services were perceived to be revirw deserving compared to outpatient care.

Log In Sign Up. About half of the household survey respondents had at least one member in a health insurance scheme.

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Therefore we are requesting you to fill this questionnaire and provide relevance information literatire to the instruction provided.

Call-back visits were made to 20 randomly selected households in each district to verify data quality.

The lessons of user fee experience in Africa. None of the CBHIs operating in the study nihf had mechanisms to waive premiums for the poor or destitute in society. Efforts were also made to ensure that group participants belonged to a similar age-group.

Limited understanding of health insurance prevented people from becoming members. It was established by an Act of Ot, No. Universal health coverage is defined as a situation where the whole population has access to appropriate lliterature, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care when they need it and at an affordable cost. So in my view those without good income are unlikely to register in such groups.

We owe also more dedications to Mr. The Kenya government needs to carefully consider the value of achieving universal health coverage through a contributory basis versus providing coverage for those working in the informal sector through tax funding. Increasing number of health care professional and accountability Health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, and other health care assistants are the key actors towards the provision of health care services to individuals.


Respondent claims on the quality of the services rendered by the NHIF to its rural beneficiaries Table 7: That is why people join health insurance literatuure because even when an illness strikes, a member will not feel anxious about the hospital bill.

literature review of nhif

If my financial ability allows me to liteeature for the Karatina District Hospital package [public hospital], that is where I will go. This will reduce confusion of services which are covered and which are not covered by the NHIF its beneficiaries. Graphic design senior thesis projects. The main motivation for enrolling into a scheme for those households that had health insurance coverage was to ease access to health care by reducing costs World Health Organisation, editor.

Separate FGDS were conducted with men and women to ensure that participants were comfortable expressing their views. For example, some time back I could hear my brother who was employed discussing about amenity wards [private wards in government hospitals] where a patient can have their own room.

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These concerns, it was reported, would have to be addressed for people to gain confidence in the public health system and in so doing lietrature towards a NHIS. BoxKilifi, Kenya. Following this situation, individuals will not see the importance of joining the NHIF.