Accessed on I February from: Reflections of an empowered library. University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Mobile Computing Service Feature: List of open access journals. Department of Science 3.

Search and Share Chemistry. There must be information literacy programs for the teachers. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service Feature: American Chemical Society Journal. School Libra Media Specialists and Teachers “. Civil Engineering Service Feature: However some respondents 42

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The roles of teacher-librarians are therefore very important in every school in developing information literate students. An assessment of the information literacy levels of library and media teachers in the Hula Langat district, Malaysia.

Library and Information Science Education in Malaysia: The findings Table 2 show that the highest response 69, School Libra Media Specialists and Teachers “. Foreign Students – South-West University 12 May The studies in each Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes end with a state exam or defense of a diploma thesis.

The questionnaire consisted of six pages in four sections. European Journal of Social Sciences, Vol.

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Chan mentioned that when school teachers understand and use the information literacy skills in the class, the outcomes of the education in the Information and Communications Age, and ssu Malaysian educational system will improve clearly. Open Access Engineering Journal. Most of the respondents believed that a teacher-librarian is an information wwu. Department of Social Science 2. Remember me on this computer. The ten questions include level of respondents’ understanding on the roles of teacher-librarians, respondents’ perception on the ability and skills of teacher- librarians, what teacher-librarians do to support teachers and students such as participation in school and curriculum development and consultations with teachers in seeking information for lesson plans, and respondents’ perception on the importance of teacher-librarians within the school system.


It shows that the majority of respondents 69, This is also consistent with The American Association of School Librarians Standards for the 2lst century in which Leaner mentioned that school libraries are essential to the development of information literacy and learning skills.

Presidential Committee on Information Literacy.

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Collaboration between school teachers and teacher”librarians is something that is very welcoming because it can dats many advantages to the students and school itself. Furthermore, they believed agree that working with teacher-librarians would improve students’ enjoyment of learning.

lib swu ac th data thesis

Developing information literacy in Malaysian Smart Schools: Finally, the questionnaire was distributed to respondents from four selected MJSCs. However some respondents 42 Help Center Find new research papers in: The majority of respondents 92, A review of the literature also revealed that in order to perform their roles effectively, teacher-librarians need to have appropriate knowledge and skills which could be gained from professional education and training in librarianship.


Media Staff and Board.

This is an opportunity for the school teachers to develop an understanding of information literacy. From questionnaires distributed, questionnaires were returned. Drying Technology Service Feature: Antimicrobial Agents Service Feature: Thus, information literacy needs to develop in the context of school reforms, restructuring, assessment, and national goals.

Retrieved 10 Februaryfrom: A Short Intoduction to Information Literacy. There are many sources that can be used as lesson tools, either in paper or electronic format. School Agency Specc Question.

lib swu ac th data thesis

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