SG ; Differential Geometry math. Responding to Mind-Body Materialism. Rigidity around Poisson Submanifolds. The absolute gradings on embedded contact homology and Seiberg-Witten Floer cohomology. Philosophy of Religion and Metaethics Thesis:

On the reconstruction problem in mirror symmetry. Some minor changes, including some acknowledgements for two important lemmas and a corollary. Expanded and clarified exposition in a number of places in response to referee comments. Abelian Analytic Torsion and Symplectic Volume. Moreland Colorado Springs, CO:

Mathematics Genealogy Project

Kai ZehmischFabian Ziltener. Worldviews in Conflict, part 1. SIGMA 9, 13 pages. Doug Geivett and Dr. The Person and some Work of the Holy Spirit. DG ; Geometric Topology math. A Holistic Response to the Problem of Evil.

GinzburgBasak Z.

A wall-crossing formula for Gromov-Witten invariants under variation of git quotient. Click here to sign up. GT ; Symplectic Geometry math. We gratefully acknowledge support from the Simons Foundation and member institutions.

Rigidity around Poisson Submanifolds. Igor MencattiniAlberto Tacchella.

john loftin thesis

SG ; Differential Geometry math. Paul Gould and Dr.


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Baylor University Press, Version 5 made further small corrections to citations. Expanded thdsis clarified exposition in a number of places in response to referee comments.

We add examples of open sets with connected boundary on which the shell capacity is not continuous. Typos corrected, journal edits included, simplified exposition, J. Leading Experts Explain the Key Issues, ed. Deformations of coisotropic submanifolds in locally conformal symplectic manifolds. Worldviews in Conflict, part 2. Putting Jesus in His Place: We include generalizations to higher dimensions due to the unknown referee and Janko Latschev.

SG Help Advanced Search. Dallas Socratic Society, – Present. Keith Loftin Curriculum Vitae.

john loftin thesis

Versions 7 reverted to Version 5. Robert Sloan Lee and Dr.

Symplectic Geometry

Philosophy of Time Society, – Present. Lagrangian Floer superpotentials and crepant resolutions for toric orbifolds.

john loftin thesis

AG ; Symplectic Geometry math. The equivalence of Heegaard Floer homology and embedded contact homology via open book decompositions II. Studying the Historical Jesus: The Hormander index of symmetric periodic orbits.