The presentation should be about thirty minutes long, and must be attended by the Honors Thesis Committee and announced publicly at least one week prior to the presentation date. Because the college exists to recognize and encourage academic excellence, it also welcomes applications for admission from sophomores who were not in the HC in their first year, but were among the top performers as first-year students at UVM. For the most capable students who wish to take their studies, research and creative works to the next level, there are many honors options. The first step in writing a thesis is to contact your academic advisor, or any other potential thesis advisor, early in your junior year to discuss your ideas and interests. FOUR also provides mentoring for students applying for nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships e. During the senior year, the thesis advisor will help the student find two additional faculty members to serve on the thesis defense committee.

Aside from the satisfaction of completing a significant work of your own, you will graduate with College Honors and providing you have completed all other HCOL requirements you will be recognized at graduation as a Honors College Scholar, one of the most prestigious academic titles offered by the University of Vermont. In the sciences, your advisor may be part of an existing research team, and so can assign you a question to answer in his or her research program. Send Page to Printer. The junior year course requirement for the Honors College coursework in the fall OR spring semester of the junior year is designed specifically to not discourage or impede Honors College students from being able to study abroad. Up to sophomores are admitted annually. Students are invited, but not required, to submit a short statement of intent to the Chair of the Honors Committee.

This beautiful facility provides housing for HC students, as well as permanent office space for the HC administration and staff. Thesis due date The completed thesis is due to the advisor and defense committee at least one week prior to the scheduled defense. While RSENR students may choose a thesis advisor through these courses, students most frequently identify their advisors through specialized coursework in their program and major.


Beyond the sophomore year, a cumulative grade-point average GPA of 3. Notes, web resources, and thesis contact in the college Specific deadlines and more information about the College Honors Thesis are available at http: They may be reached at Alan. Students will ordinarily take HON in the spring semester of junior year; HON should be taken in the fall semester if a student plans to study abroad during the spring semester.

I’m graduating in December; can I still receive College Honors? So the additional commitment in coursework is not what it might first seem.

Guidelines for Honors Research Proposals | College of Arts and Sciences | The University of Vermont

Students are also subject to dismissal from the Honors College if they receive grades of C- or below for more than 8 credits of coursework.

Honnors travel must be registered with the Office of International Education through the iAbroad system. Typically, these 6 credits are distributed evenly between the first and second semesters, i. Once the schedule is written up, stick to it!

In Fallabout students fhesis in the Honors College. To submit an application, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.

It is best for the student to approach his or her thesis supervisor as quickly as possible in order to go over the Committee’s comments. However, if, for reasons owing to a student’s schedule the student is already registered for, say, 16 creditsa student wishes to do so, College Honors credit may be variably distributed across the two semesters, i.

In that meeting the Dean makes a decision for each student under consideration for academic trial or dismissal.

Timetable for Honors Work

Meet Warrick Sahene ’18, and learn more about what he and other Honors College students are doing after graduation. In this case, you would submit an application package to the College Honors Committee the February before you theesis.


honors college thesis proposal uvm

HON may be waived via the submission of a waiver request form completed by the student and their thesis supervisor. Once the final grade is entered and the earlier SP is converted to a standard letter grade, that letter grade is calculated as part um the GPA. The proposal is graded, and an Honors student must receive a grade of A- or better on the proposal in order to proceed.

Additional thesis presentation requirements Students are encouraged to present their work at the Student Research Conference, held in the Davis Bonors in the spring.

All students receiving funding must have a designated UVM faculty mentor. Normally, there will be a few chapters between four and six. So we counsel students to consult with the Honors College dean’s pro;osal to see how to plan to allow for Honors College requirements to complement your overall plan for coursework and activities.

Thesis defense requirements Students must complete an hour-long oral defense before their 3-person thesis committee. Thus, a 3-credit HEC would entail approximately 7 to 8 hours of work each week. Evaluation criteria In general, the criteria used by the Committee to evaluate the thesis proposals may include, by are not limited to, the following: How do you craft a thesis proposal?

How long is thhesis proposal supposed to be? All UVM faculty and students and the general public yvm invited to participate in frequent Honors College events such as lectures and symposia presented by faculty, students, and distinguished visiting scholars and artists.

honors college thesis proposal uvm

In your course work at UVM, you are bound to be struck by themes and ideas that especially capture your interest. Explain how you will interpret your results. A College Honors application, formal 8-page thesis proposal, and faculty recommendation form must be submitted for approval by the CAS Honors Committee.

Students must take 6.