I ate Hokkaido’s famous miso ramen too. Nihon wa Nyuu Jiraando yori totemo ookikute nigiyaka desu. But it is just a matter of moment. Sukoshi kawatta koto wo shitakatta desu kara Ryukyu shyoto made ryokou shimashita. Watashi no homesutei kazoku wa Ainu deshita. Notify me of new comments via email. Life is sometimes so severe that many hardships will attack you.

Tabete nagara kara , tabemono wo moratta hito ga mainichi kami ni inottemashita. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Watashi no apaato de Sapporo Terebi to wo miemashita. Otoko no hito ga wa ookikute nagai hige ga motta shoshite o shite ite , onna no hito no wa kao de ni “tattoo” ga atta irezumi o shite imashita. Ryukyu shyoto ni tsuite nagara, takusan nojou to ojiisan to obaasan wo miemashita keredomo nanari omoshiroku shiete iru koto ga arimasen.

After six months, I became bored. Because learning a new language is like becoming a newer me. Fortunately many people liked my speech, I will share the copy here. After living gradutaion Japan for one year, I think my Japanese has become very good. Also, what’s the difference between agemasu, kudasaimasu, and moraimasu? Author omaty Reporter 0.

This site uses cookies. First and foremost, I must state my sincerest gratitude towards my supervisor Dr Maung Aung Myoe who has given so much to me along with this school. Later on, we arrived at Sapporo. Sono hitotachi ga Ainu no dentouteki tabemono wo kudasaimashita.


That was a brave moveā€¦. Mata, Ryukyu hogen wa gakkou ni naratta Nihongo to onaji de wa arimasen kara taihen deshita. We did it, guys. Nochihodo, watashitachi ga Sapporo ni kimashita. Nihongo ga jyozu ni naritakatta desu kara ichinen kanme Nihon ni sumimashita. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Graduation Speech

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sometimes we need to take such bitter medicines. Can somebody please check it to see niongo there aren’t any errors?

graduation speech nihongo

We are so honored to have many distinguished guests graudation, including. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Jan 25 Ferris Wheel.

graduation speech nihongo

Ichi nen kan me Nihon ni sunde karawatashi no yoku nihongo ga taihen ii traduation hanaseru you ni natta to omoimasu. Moshimo anata mo watashi yoo na Nihongo ga jyozu ni naritakatta naraba, Nihon ni hayaku ikanakereba narimasen. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Speech My Japanese Graduation Commencement Speech | Phantom Jazzboi

I’ve written it all down and its all been double checked but since Japanese isn’t my best subject, I think I might still have a few grammatical errors. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Before long, we will go in different directions to our goals.


With this realizations, I believe that someday I could also be a Nihongo no Sensei and a successful person. I was a student studying English, but sometimes a teacher who shared my knowledge and experience in my life. You will lose self-confidence and self-doubt will be produced in your heart. Language forces us to perceive the world as man presents it to us.

I wonder how people living in foreign countries get information about Japan.

Roku satsu kanme kara, tsumaranakatta narimasu. A commencement speech is a speech that honors graduating students by noting their accomplishments, recognizing the contributions of those who have aided them, and elaborating on the challenges ahead.