This is a bad assumption and flagrantly ignores the clear fractal and conformal properties of nature. January 8, at That is space cannot unify with time. I speak of foundations btw… my quasic brane existed before it could be seen as brane theory… All of these leads seem to come together- anyway, I tried to color code things in this sort of abstract algebra and geometry on my pesla. January 21, at 3:

If there are no suitable examples that are more recent why pick on PI which has only been around for 13 years? Ready to celebrate this impressive milestone? The result of such purely essesential interactions could only be a potential growth of the total amount of information and not a causal transformation of it. December 10, at 5: I tend to agree with you on this.

January 25, at Here are 3 quick suggestions for which fundamental assumptions are holding physics back. The prospects for SUSY and string theory is looking more bleak every year that goes by now so some new direction to proceed upon is sorely needed.

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If I write up something and arXiv. But the masses of air involved are not trivial.

This was done way back in Oct. Joy claims to reduce QM to a purely statistical ensemble.

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One of few areas they can bring forth their ideas. By itself, information cannot interact with another piece of information to cause a third piece of information to exist. Hi, I know we list home page sites here but I would like to view anything you may have on line. One answer is to use the ratings of its authors as provided by the FQXi contest. This relates to my comment above.


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December 15, at 3: The most fundamental I can think of is the criticality. And it seems to me that The Law of Accelerated Returns definitively points in the direction of a distinct final condition — the infinite integration of information aka Singularity.

This issue also contains one article based on FQXi Essay. December 5, at This has very important application to intrinsic viscosity and conductivity:. It is the cumulative distribution function of a random variable which is almost surely 0.

We construct series solutions with valuesin a combinatorial version of the Chen—Ruan orbifold cohomology and in the K—theory of the associated DM stacks. XRP’s are in, beta” at 27cm.

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In fact six viXra authors made the final cut. And space as a fundamental definition does not equal mass. However these are still people who had to use viXra. On the LHC backroom stuff: If there are no suitable examples that are more recent why pick on PI which has only been around congest 13 years? This is an absurd question.


The zeros of Riemann Zeta could be momentum or wave vector eigenvalues of a Helmholtz operator on a suitable domain. It is a reasonable query contset make but it would be a misrepresentation of viXra to show the plots without these people so I wont do it.

fqxi essay contest 2012

Understanding motives is the key to everything and every decent mathematician knows it. Thanks for the Volterra lead, Stephen, very welcome: Probably I do not have sufficient credibility as an independent and wont be able to find esway referees, but my fourth prize on the related essay contest provides a small glimmer of hope.

This is not a perfect system by any means. Nobody should be surprised that there is a lot of bad quality research on viXra because it does not have any filtering and makes no 22012 to endorse its individual contents personally I am of the opinion that even congest research can have value as a creative work and may even contain hidden gems of knowledgebut does it nevertheless have work of high value that would otherwise be lost?

fqxi essay contest 2012

June 11, at 8: