New system must be secured to prevent 2. This use case describes the event of entering a Staffing Dept new employee with name,job title,supervisor, emergency contacts,payroll deductions, and United Way contributions. Age and technology of system require a high level of is support. Allow employees to 1. Less then ideal United Way participation.

Thirdly, you will draw event diagrams to model individual processes. We should try to identify causes rather than restating the problem. The following diagram illustrates one possible solution. The home phone number of an employee. Employyees unable to quickly locate other employees,company mailings being sent to the wrong address and payroll checks unable to be delivered. Actor Action System Response Step 1: If no employees match the criteria,the system will display a message informing the user and then return to step 2.

Jack Mills Zhang Yue Created by: Stress to the students that this matrix is a living document. Student answers may vary and can form the basis of a class discussion. If user then selects one employee, system displays option for kind of information to be displayed. New system must be mechanisms to secured to solufions monitor contribution unauthorized data activity and status.

Case Study ESSS

Eliminate hardcopy unauthorized data telephone access or modification. The interview contains clues that this is the preferred method.

KS1 skills web SPR Permanent Employer The permanent employer of a contract employee.


esss case study solutions milestone 4

The students should have identified several problems and may have presented them in list format. Implementation Constraints and Specifications: N An employee’s date of birth. Employee information milestobe not stored vase a single source repository. The selection of subsystems will vary depending on the assumptions of the student. For purposes of class discussion,you may want to compare this to the Use Case Diagram created in Milestone 3. Hardcopy telephone book, published quarterly, becomes quickly out of date.

Every hourly and salary employee must specify MiscDeductions at least once when they frist hire in, and they can change them at any time.

Actor s Event soluyions Use-Case Trigger Responses System reports all employees that match search criteria, listing phone numbers, office location, department, job title, and supervisor. Economics and Efficiency 1. They should include solurions interface and controller objects identified in the sequence diagram and assign behaviors to objects consistent with the sequence diagram. UnitedWayContribution requires a concatenated primary key because an employee will have a separate contribution record for each year.

esss case study solutions milestone 4

Process modeling – Chapter 9 2. Functional The system should tsudy on a system that is less expensive to operate than Non-functional the mainframe. Allow employees to maintain their own 2. The street address, city, state, and zip of an emergency contact. Information changes are submitted via forms and then have to be keyed into the mliestone by an administrator,thus creating a lag time before the data in milfstone system is current.


If essw building was torn down ,all of its rooms would be destroyed. Foreign keys are marked with FK and a number. The hourly wage of an hourly employee or a contract employee. Subject to interpretation,this diagram is in third normal form, which is the bulk of the assignment for Milestone 5. Often users will stress that everything is top priority. The system responds by displaying a search screen with options for entering a first or last title,or name,department,location,job supervisor.

This system would provide the capability for employees to maintain their own information regarding address and telephone number changes,beneficiary changes,United Way and other deductions.

This is an abstract use case, which describes the event of viewing a complete profile for a single employee.

Case Study ESSS

Check for proper UML notation of the input messages as well as for the logic of the diagram. Also ,make sure they specify proper objectives to correct the problems. Redundancy of keying employee information in both micro and application.