Some of the more common Tazir crimes are: Another concept of qisas crimes is the area of punishment. It unambiguously shows by what means the desired result can be obtained: Some academic writings also have been distorted and not always completely accurate and some researchers have concluded that Islamic Law requires a fixed punishment for all crimes. No cogent reason appears for all these provisions, which are likely to discourage an accused who, being a truthful person, wishes to make a confession in case of a qatl other than qatle amd. Some of the more common punishment for Tazir crimes are: The slave for the slave,.

First World Student of Human Rights will find the following article by Mohammed Salam Madkoar a most useful aid in attempting to understand the struggle for human rights in the Islamic world. But the retaliation had no defined limit. Had crimes are crimes against God’s law and Tazir crimes are crimes against society. Then it laid the foundation of justice by prescribing equality between the murderer and the murdered, telling us that: Therefore, whoever slays a believer, it is as though he slew all men – because he committed a sacrilege against the dignity of that believer.

Therefore ” Hudud ,” Retaliation qisas and Discretionary Tazir punishments have qisaz prescribed according to the type of the crime committed. Contemporary common law today still is filled with the assumptions of retribution. Therefore, whoever slays a believer, it is as though he slew all men – because he committed a sacrilege against the dignity of that believer. The talk about mercy and kindness to human beings is all very good. If there is no confession to a crime or not enough witnesses to the crime, Islamic law requires no Had crime to be punished as a Tazir crime.

Suratul Baqarah: Verses 178 – 179

Islamic Law does have separate courts for Muslims for “religious crimes” and contemporary non-religious courts for other criminal and civil matters. It is not, therefore, an absolute privilege of the heirs, qisaas depends upon facts and circumstances of each case in which this right may either be granted or refused by the State.


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According to others a community tribe or family, with common vocation, is deemed to be Aqila. And the most remarkable in their eyes was the sentence: One can visualize the difficulties to be experienced by Surgeons and law enforcing agencies if these provisions form part eseay the law. Again Clause 34, according to which the Diyat is payable either in lump sum or in installments spread over a period of three esasy from the date of the final judgment, will create complications and multiply the Court proceedings which may become inevitable in order to recover Diyat from a defaulting offender.

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Traditions Imam as-Sadiq a. It gives the basic of the law of retaliation. Moreover the above mentioned sub-clauses of Clause giving retrospective effect to certain provisions of the proposed Ordinance will reopen a large number of proceedings.

Tazir crimes can and do have comparable “minor felony equivalents.

Suratul Baqarah: Verses – | Al-Mizan An Exegesis of the Qur’an, vol 2 |

In the latter part thereof it is said, “but if any remission is made by his brother, wali or injured then grant any reasonable demand, and compensate him”.

Moreover, death penalty has not been legislated for revenge only; it serves also to train general public in good character and to shut the door of mischief in the society.

In fact the latter part of the connotation of the term ghair masum i. No law should be framed without fully taking into consideration the real state of particular society. Objections have been laid against the law of retaliation in general, eessay the capital punishment, that is, retaliation by killing, in particular.

The second element of Sharia Law is known as the Sunna, the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed not explicitly found in the Quran. These most serious of all crimes are found by an exact reference in the Quran to a specific act and a specific punishment for that act. In order to properly understand the Muslim world’s concept of Human Rights under the law, it is helpful to have a basic grasp of the concepts of Islamic law.


There is a property belonging to you with so-and-so, or in such and such a place. The media often used the term “Islamic Fundamentalists” when referring to the accused in the case. A criminal may be given a punishment, which would be as effective as killing – without putting him to death. In the original draft, Clause contained two sub-clauses, 1 and 2.

Government, law, and religion are one. The only guiding principle for judges under Sharia Law is that they must answer to Allah and to the greater community of Muslims. The Federal Shariat Court also, in its judgment dated qiwas 23rd Decemberdelivered in nine connected shariat petitions Gul Hassan etc vs.


Both phraseare subjects with their predicates implied. Many times a tribe destroyed another just in retaliation of one man. They were nomadic and traveled extensively.

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The third element of Sharia Law is known as the Ijma. This work should, however, be done by a gradual process and preferably by incorporating the required provisions in the Statutes concerned at their proper and relevant places after eliminating therefrom un-Islamic provisions, if any, in order to make the existing laws self-contained and strictly in accordance with the tenets of Islam,on the one and to cater for our needs for speedy and inexpensive administration of justice, on the other.