Oftentimes, Losar and the Chinese New Year begin on the same date, but sometimes they might have a difference of a day, or even a lunar month. For other traditions of celebrating the lunar new year, see Lunar New Year. Families visit temples to offer prayers and give gifts to monks. We made offerings to the nagas , the water spirits who activated the water element in the area. During the festival, people recall the struggle between the good and the evil in their ceremonial dance and Lama chants mantras and passes the fire torches through the crowds. King Jamyang Namgyal, on the eve of setting out on an expedition against the Balistan forces in winter was advised not to lead an expedition before the new year.

Bhutan portal Holidays portal. Could you provide some recipes? Whatever you find inside your dough balls is supposed to be a light-hearted reflection of your character. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Find this year’s date in the multifaith calendar. The Tamangs clean and decorate their house welcoming the new year and visit the monasteries and stupas in their traditional costumes.

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The first day of the New Year is called Lama Losar when all the Tibetan Buddhists greet their respective gurus and wish each other prosperity for the year ahead. Save my name, e-mail, and loswr in this browser for the next time I comment.

On the first day celebrations are usually restricted to the family, with the second and third days being the time to visit and exchange gifts with friends and more distant relatives. The variation of the festival in Nepal is called Lhochhar and is observed about eight weeks earlier than the Tibetan Losar.


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This site uses cookies: Find this year’s date in the multifaith calendar. It is made up of twelve lunar months and losar begins on the first day of the first month. A participant demonstrates traditional Bhutanese embroidery at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

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Friends and equals reaffirmed goodwill, and dependents sent gifts and offerings to their patrons to demonstrate the continuation of their relationship. The Losar festival dates back to pre-Buddhist Bon era in Tibet. Tamang means Horse Traders.

It also commenced the Year of the Male Earth Dog. Losar predates the arrival of Buddhism in Tibet and has its roots in a winter incense -burning custom of the Bon religion. While Losar celebrations once lasted for as long essat two weeks, in modern times, Losar is normally a three-day festival.

About Partners Contact Us. With the Dalai Lama leading every spectator joins in the ceremony and offer prayers as the monks of the monastery chant invocation for Palden Lhamo. From the third day the monks and the local people begin celebration and join in the festivities with gay abandon.

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Retrieved January 27, Careful preparations along with proper rehearsals for the performances during the festivities are started earnestly. Rituals are performed to drive away evil spirits, and people celebrate with feasts and dancing.


Barga Lo is the special name given to each year and represented by different animals with its reputed attributes like mouse, cow, tiger, cat, garuda, serpent, horse, sheep, monkey, bird, dog and deer. During this ceremony people offer considerable amount lozar incense in order to propitiate the local deities and the spirits. Join us on the National Mall June 29 and 30, We had limited time, losqr were interested in doing a peak, and this seemed […]. Losar is marked with activities that symbolise purification, and welcoming in the new.

Indiana University, p. Celebration of Losar Preparation for the essayy begin a month before the end of the year.

essay on losar

It is, however, still a holiday of feasting, singing, dancing, archery, and offerings. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Losar. Offerings were made to the Nagas, or water spirits, who activated the water element in the area, and smoke offerings were made to the local spirits associated with the natural world. People start cleaning their houses discarding unused and old materials so that all evil omens are warded off from life and well-being and prosperity of the family members is ensured.

You can also try Yowangdu. It is a festival of reunion of the families, relatives and friends to unite together for partying, merry making, exchanging gifts and greetings.