For example, I say that God acts in me by general volitions when He makes me feel pain at the moment I am stung; because in consequence of the general and efficacious laws of the union of the soul and the body that He has established, He makes me feel pain when my body is ill-disposed. Malebranche, divine volitions, Arnauld, miracles, original sin Body of paper: We can understand the process as follows: He revived the old arguments of the Academy , and advanced them with much ingenuity against Malebranche’s doctrine. God cannot exempt Himself from acting in a way that is most in accordance with His wisdom and goodness; and being wise God always proportions His means to the end, and His action to the plan He has chosen. This is a miracle permitted by Order because Order dictates that a world with Christ and simple laws is better than no world at all. Anyone saved by the grace of God prior to the Incarnation was either saved by a miracle—a particular volition of God Himself—or via backward occasional causation.

It is in God and in an immutable nature that we see beauty, truth, justice. In governing the realm of grace by general laws, God glorifies in Himself because the perfection of His attributes simplicity and fecundity are carried out through the divine nature of Christ. First, Malebranche states that God acts in the very same way with respect to the order of grace as with the order of nature: His object was to reconcile his religious with his philosophical creed, and to remain a Christian without ceasing to be an academician. Translated by David Scott.

He created the best possible laws consistent with Christ malebrnche they are the laws that did, do, and will continue to regulate the natural world. Johns Hopkins University Press, He owes it to Himself to follow the rules of His wisdom, He must always act in the wisest and most perfect way.


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See also the long addition to Discours II, sect. Yale University Press, In the event that God chooses to create, however, His creation and action must be consistent with the divine attributes.

This causal story has two separate but complementary axes: God wills by particular volitions to save all men. But, Malebranche is careful to note, just as rain sometimes falls on the sea instead of the earth, sometimes grace is given to hardened hearts rather than souls well- prepared for salvation.

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The fact that creation occurred mlaebranche that a miracle exists and that we have knowledge of its existence—creation itself is an act performed by particular volitions and is thus miraculous. Second, given that creation did occur, we must ask mslebranche God creates. Despite the fact that Malebranche avoids directly engaging the question, the response he gives seems merited.

But once we join Christ to the category of created things, the nature of the world makes it worthy of creation. God loves acting by the simplest means. But whether this possible event is ever actual, after the moment of creation, is another matter. Perhaps He never has them.

Sine qua non causation: Whether Malebranche can defend this point is another matter; see footnote For, supposing that God wills to produce a work outside Himself which is worthy of Him, He is not at all indifferent in His choice; He must produce the most perfect that is possible with respect to the simplicity of means by which He acts.

Further, original sin is necessarily bound up with the greatness of this world.

dissertation malebranche recherche vérité

Neither the Incarnation of the Word, nor for stronger reasons the creation of the world, is a necessary emanation from His nature. I know that, I say, because faith teaches it to me. While Malebranche is clear that these five laws govern the ordinary course of providence, he allows other possible general laws, e.


But a world with sin is more worthy of God than a worth without sin.

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None the less He created the first man in a condition from which He knew he would fall; He even established between this man and his posterity relations which would communicate his sin to them, and render them all worthy of His aversion and His wrath. For search strings, just type the words; don’t use quotation marks. He insists that in order to use these tools properly, one must first work to understand the operation of the human mind.

You will find in this parcel what has been printed of my labour since I had the honour of seeing you, namely the response to Father Robert, 2 the commentary on half of my verse of the Sagesse des Anciens3 that is, of the first 52 verses. The motive came with the promise of the union of mind and body in one divine person. His philosophical standpoint was one of Academic skepticism: The disputes between Mr Arnauld and Father Malebranche are still carrying on.

Because, to act by the simplest means with respect to the plans that we have made, is to proportion the means to the plans, which is reasonable. Occasionalism, Freedom, and Attention in Malebranche.

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He marvels at the complexity and variety of organic bodies, and the manner in which they are organized amlebranche assure propagation. Translated by Thomas M.

But I say that God forms His plan freely, because He invincibly and necessarily loves only His own substance.