MOE accreditation should consider all these. I am curious to know why you are looking for a different school. Preparations were made in advance, for the accreditation purpose, and such schools got highly effective although it has never been one of their systems or school procedures to keep records or have parents’ council or even have displays in the school! How come all of the 10 best schools are UK or similar based curriculum! Initially she may be taught on a one-to-one basis and then in a smaller group. My two kids 5,8 studying in grade 1 and 4 are currently studying in viss Sharjah.. Managing Director and Co-Founder.

I would rather have my kids at DIA any day. It is an interesting point Samih as to why UK curriculum schools do well, however note it is the most widely adopted curriculum so therefore just in terms of brute numbers, you would expect to see proportionally more at the top of the list. Victory Heights Primary School is genuinely committed to all children developing an appreciation of the cultural context of the school. Blossom Nurseries — Various locations. It is available to all year groups whether they want to read quietly during break time, print or complete their homework before or after school or take part in one of the many activities hosted in the library.

Which would be the better option?

Two girls – aged 10 and 11 years – British nationality, native English speakers but educated in international schools in Asia and completely fluent in Mandarin. Hi, Is it just me or you guys also think the outstanding and good schools have 2 major issues: Leave a Reply Cancel reply. There is just so much to like about this school and to admire in the achievements of both its owners and Headteacher, who are clearly working in unison. More importantly, they may already be an outstanding school for your child.

Our Sixth Form students are becoming increasingly more familiar with the study guides available. Most Canadian families favour the US curriculum as an alternative, although some feel that the UK curriculum is more rigourous.


Everything within Victory Heights primary School is so sensitively and creatively thought through, a good example being the official Victory Heights Primary School teddy bear that is given to every child during their first few days at their new school so that the sense of home continues through their times at school, and equally the love of learning continues at home.

We believe that every child, in their own way, is capable of learning — and capable of succeeding. We should all listen to children more ….

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The other option would be to keep your son in the UK system through to year 11 and then ensure that desx follows the IB Diploma programme for years 12 and We have been very pleased to be apart of Victory Heights!

Victory Heights has the potential, and foundations in place, to be one of the best Primary schools in the UAE.

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In fact, VHP has a very clear direction and every development is very clearly underpinned with purpose and clarity. All will have many outstanding features, and will have fallen short of Outstanding status because of one one or two key criteria. I want for each one of them to be confident in their gifts, and have the skills and self- awareness when they leave us to grow as young men and women, fulfilling their own dreams potential and ambition.

Initially she may be taught on homfwork one-to-one basis dubaii then in a smaller group.

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We had no sense of anything at our inspection being contrived. This has nothing to do with the KHDA.

dess dubai homework

Hi Selien, There are many US curriculum schools in the Deira – Mirdif area, but it is very important that you check two key pieces of information – 1 is the school accredited in the US? Often the personal impression you receive when you visit a school is the deciding factor. All schools in Dubai need to succeed academically in order to attract new families to the school, so there will inevitably be an academic focus, but certainly for the Foundation years, the UK curriculum is all about dbuai through play, so neither school should be placing any academic pressure or strict code of conduct on your daughter.


That means JAPS will be bigger to as large as students. Considering the target audience of the school, I don’t think these are dubsi issues which concern the parents. You can read the full report here – http: Good Affordable British Schools in Dubai.

Once you have taken all of the factors into account, my main advice would be to ensure that you spread the applications so that you are assured of a place for your son. We absolutely adore this school. Hi Lee, the main difference is that the UK curriculum starts when children reach the age of 3 turning 4 although there are a few UK schools that do not offer this grade. My daughter has slit down syndrome, she is in al Muna school gomework Abu Homeworj British, we are moving to Dubai, looking for British or ok schools with an inclusion department, my budget aed Internationally qualified school inspectors pay on site visits to every private school in Dubai after a settling in period for new schools to rate it on key questions such as:.

The cost of living in the UAE is coming down with decreases in homeworl cost of food, rents, e….

Good Luck with your daughter’s admission and move to Dubai. They behaved extremely well and had a strong sense of social responsibility. I am grateful that my kids are being taught the same values at school that I teach at home.