Some , passenger trips were funded through the assisted rural travel scheme, 53, contacts were made under the Connecting Elderly Rural Isolated project and unemployed people were assisted through the Boost programme. Therefore, as a result of that, the progress will become transparent. It is about understanding what is going to work best for the individual sector, so it is a bespoke programme. It is about the gravity, size and extent of it and the amount of funding involved. I said “at a future Executive meeting”, I think. They are doing a lot of groundwork to progress how the test, vaccinate or remove TVR programme is going to be rolled out. I am not sure what was behind it or whether it was planned or not.

Hopefully, members will have had an opportunity to review the plan, and I am sure that you will have questions that Tom and I will be happy to address, either today or in subsequent correspondence. My area of the glens does not qualify at all, although I am not here to complain about that. Members will have had a chance to read your briefing paper. It is really about the quality of the infrastructure. If there is anything, it would be to ask you to ask the community and development groups to get the message out more.

How many staff are there in DARD in total? We are trying to get a good handle on our costs because it would remiss of us, at the outset, not to get a clear picture of the cost of rolling out this research and what the benefits are to that.

At this stage, I have not seen a business case seeking the funding for that. As previously reported to the Committee, that is largely due to delays in the procurement process.

Official Report (Hansard)

Can you indicate how much TB cost the Northern Ireland taxpayer in the financial year up to ? Whilst I know that there were problems in the past and that it is a very delicate, complicated and difficult scenario with pitfalls and is a minefield regarding mistakes —.


dard business plan 2013-14

Did that meeting take place? Thank you very much, Graeme, for your presentation. Therefore, if we feel that that is not working at its best, we can certainly have a look at it. The Committee will have seen our capital investment plans that we put forward as part of the capital exercise in the October monitoring round. What is the difference?

That is a process that we are currently going through. All credit to the Veterinary Service, because it has worked very hard to secure that funding. When they leave school at 18 or 19, there is nothing for them; absolutely zero. We are being hard on ourselves by reporting that as red, but work has been completed on that, and we are working well with the various Departments across the Civil Service. I advise members that the business case is in the process of being quality assured and that the overall Programme for Government commitment of advancing the relocation of headquarters remains broadly on course to be achieved.

dard business plan 2013-14

When you have a field it is easy to see the MEA within a field, but, because graziers take notional parcels of common land, that is difficult to represent on a map. That is not my understanding of how the process works. It identifies for us where investment is required to bring them up to the necessary standard.

In the target assessment for goal 3, you state that:. It is a progress report that is due on 30 Septemberand we included it one of our targets under goal 2. It was hoped that that would have been in place by the end of March, Mr Irwin, so there is a three- to four-week delay on it. We try to make the money count in the best possible way by, maybe, adding to other Departments’ moneys or whatever.


We are pleased with it, and we think that it is. I am not close enough to it to give you an up-to-date report on where we are, but I know that our colleagues in the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute AFBI are progressing the badger sett surveys. It is very difficult to achieve that.

My colleagues and I are happy to address any questions that you might have. This year, we introduced a new mapping system as a control.

Out-turn Report on the Business Plan Targets: DARD

As well as addressing any questions or queries that you may have, we are interested in any feedback on the targets that are in the plan. PDF version of this report Before you go off the subject, Jo-Anne, I want to ask a question. Goal 5 is to:.

I am just looking for an update on where that sits in bksiness Department. The big ticket item in all of this is the farm business improvement scheme. plam

The first point to make is that we have not forgotten about it. Those are the three big component parts that go to make that up. They are doing a lot of groundwork to progress how the test, vaccinate or remove TVR programme is going to be rolled out.