Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia Porcu K. Veterinary Faculty, University “St. Review of the achieved results in the pig production of the Republic of Macedonia Orderer: Haematological parameters and blood chemistry of West African Dwarf goat tethered at three different radii Orderer: Influence of non-genetic factors on the annual milk production of Ovchepolian sheep in the Republic of Macedonia Lecturer: President of the Review Commission for selection in higher scientific level — Scientific colaborator Assistant Professor in the in 6. Macedonia Prentovic Tatjana, Djabirski V.

Ispituvanje ekonomskog efekta mlekovita kao zamena majcinog mleka kod ishrane jagnjadi. Langhe sheep breed — sheep with respect possibility Agro-glas, no 65, p. How to Win Your Perfect Job You know your cv can have just 10 seconds to prove your interview worth and first impressions will determine your fate. Egyptian Association of sheep, goats and desert animals. Log In Sign Up. The materials on the site are free.

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Kliment Ohridski” in BitolaMajor Subject: Haematological parameters and blood chemistry of West African Dwarf goat tethered at three different radii Orderer: Kliment Ohridski” in Bitola, Major Subject: The materials on the site are free. Genetic parameters for reproduction and growth traits in Boer goats in Brazil Orderer: CV template The cv template acts as a guideline containing the structure for working through the components of a professional-looking CV.


Breeding Programme for Domestic Balkan goat Indigenous Macedonian goat breedPeriod for realization Factors influencing productive traits of Awassi crossbreeding in Macedonia. Animal Recording and goat selection, with special review of several dairy breeds Lecturer: Associated Professor Decision No.

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October,Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, agrosym gmail. A Comparative research of the gain and the slaughter quality of the lambs of the Domestic merinized sheep and its crossbreeds with the Chios and Sardinian sheep. Ilinden, 92A, Skopje, p. Some factors of the maximum test day milk yield in the dairy population of sheep in Macedonia th Proceedings of the 10 International Symposium Modern Trends in Livestock Production, October, Belgrade, Serbia, A contribution to a science knowledges of gain and butchery qualities in F1 generation of crossbreeds lambs between Merinized domestic sheep and Sardinian rams.

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Agricultural Institute, Shumen, Bulgaria Date and place: Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia Menkovska M. Animal Recording and sheep selection, with special review of several dairy sheep breeds Institute for Animal Husbandry — Zemun, str. Help Center Find new research papers in: Preliminary study on heritability of milk yield during the day of test in Macedonian Awassi sheep st 10 Egyptian Journal of sheep, goats and desert animals sciences.

curriculum vitae na makedonski

Assistant Professor Bulletin No. Title of the event: Management of the selection and reproductive process for optimatization of the production at specialized breeds of sheep International project of Institute of Animal Science-Skopje with Institute of Animal Science-Kostinbrod, Sofiaapprove by Ministry of Science of Bulgaria Pacinovski, N.


Zagreb, Croatia Pacinovski N. Member of the Organizing Committee, Petrovic, Ana Palasevska Sheep and Goat Breeding Address: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water economy, str.

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Effect of moringa oleifera leaves supplementation on behavior and growth performance of Nile Tilapia Oreochromis NiloticusOrderer: Borovets, Bulgaria Pacinovski N. Institute of Animal Science — Skopje, bul.

Click here to sign up. To help improve the quality of the lyrics, visit Makedonski Jazik i Is Curriculum Vitae not used in both the plural and singular formats?. Methodology of scientific research with Biostatistics Address: Experience in breeding of Awassi sheep in the Republic of Macedonia Lecturer: Programme for creating a reproductive center for Virtemberg Merinolandschaft sheep breed in R.