Visio cannot easily produce a Context Diagram exactly like the one shown in chapter 5. Only techs should be able to enter new equipment to the system. If use barcode scanning, would have to make sure barcode was on every piece of equipment. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. Causes and Effects Three-ring binder that holds information is disorganized and incomplete. If client calls back, request can get duplicated and worked on by multiple technicians. Thank you for your time.

Once you have found your MAC address, please email us with the address and username. Xbox is one of the only devices which does not have a web page browser, as a result, we need to manually add the request into our system to allow it access. Systems Analysis — Chapter 5 2. Flag system system content. LAN Link is a broadband internet provider.

We also need to track hardware components installed in a client’s equipment and software configuration information.

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We would tie every installed component to a specific purchase date with the barcode. I also think that more than just clients need to be able to add service requests. That way the client will be entered the same way as it is in our billing system. Collen Visiting Associate Reference Form. Also, make sure they specify proper objectives to correct the problems. Now that we have studied the current system and analyzed some of its problems and opportunities, plus gained approval to proceed, we can now start to identify the business requirements for the system and model them.


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NET Custom solution Same as candidate 1. They would probably know if the problem is still a problem.

ctts case study milestone 2 solution

Causes and Effects Receptionist takes calls and route to technicians with phone transfer or e-mail. Write a Technical Memo describing the advantages of each option and recommending a solution. You know, we stick in a video card, and the system works again. We have the tools and competencies to develop this quickly. The Data Flow Model template found in the Software category can produce one that is like the sample except that the square Interface symbol must be used instead of the Actor symbol.

Commercial awareness — the interviewers perspective. The following matrix illustrates one possible solution. Can I use my own router? Consumes a great amount of receptionist’s time.

Trustees ctts case study milestone 3 solution argumentative essay legalizing gay marriage of the employee optional So If I view unresolved requests, the system shows me a list depending on who am I. Make the necessary assumptions to estimate development time, costs, and benefits. The goal of this interview was to determine requirements for the proposed system. Not generally applicable if applications software packages are analysis be purchased.


Activity 1 — Candidate Matrix his matrix could be could completed many ways. System should be easy to update in the field. Milestone 10 Database Design Solution.

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It’s an interesting idea, Jeff, but a little premature. Well, not entirely freeform. Alternative solutions to be considered should be those that address the business requirements of the information system.

The important thing for the students to realize is modeling a variation in one of the cells of the matrix constitutes cae different candidate. First, I should only get to any of this functionality after I logon.

ctts case study milestone 2 solution

Case 1 Marquis and Almandoz Can an ethical bank support The service request part of the system should have adequate security. Others may come from various sources including: Add this document to collection s.