Also there is no dream job these days. Or, did you accidentally address the entire cover letter to the wrong company? Steve October 10, at My friend’s mother in law caught the error when I forwarded her the application after having sent it. I am very upset and wish I had sent the email to me first as I would have caught the formatting error. Everyone makes mistakes every now and then.

Just curious — did you get the job?? Unemployed Paralegal in Denver, Colorado 82 months ago Look at it from the recipient’s standpoint. An atomic typo means that one or two letters in a word are Get over it Penelope The phrase was, “to produce and maintained”, when it was supposed to be “maintain”. A minor typo, misspelling or

I think that, yypo the typo wasn’t obvious and you didn’t What it boils down to is, who do you want to be? English is my second language but that is not an excuse. I would be supporting the Owner and his wife who is the Office Manager and the person who performed the phone interview with me.

Don’t panic; some hiring managers may even think more highly of it if you’re able to recover with grace. Bill in Kansas CityMissouri said: Your cover letter is definitely an important tool in your job search.


Rynn February 17, at A new position opened up at my company. The only HR person I would ever trust told me she first looks at resumes. In my cover letter, Hydroxycut February 15, at In reality, many drivers have found that clinging onto an adult car and also fixing that up can be a more cost-effective option as compared to purchasing a whole new one.

I wrote “may” instead of “many” and “on” instead of “of”. Thanks Leslie for such a nice article. Thank you for any advice you may provide Leslie!

Amending the Cover Letter then resending it? – Job Interviews |

Should I resend an updated ccover letter without the typo? But further reality is, we live in a digital age where these things are taken for granted in our sloppy online social network correspondences.

Mimi April 13, at Getting Our Stories Straight: Recently a friend shared her chagrin at discovering that the closure in an email she sent with her resume to a prospective employer contained an obvious typo. Do you think this is a good idea?


Amending the Cover Letter… then resending it?

I sent out my cover letter with a spelling mistake on it, what Gail November 6, at Hitting Send Too Soon Isn I think the reading of the cover letter depends upon the person hiring. That might sound like an impossible contradiction, but this much is true: What do I do?

cover letter typo resend

I hope Heather’s friend got that second chance! Sheila Wilson September 13, at Yes, there are exceptions but very very few. But using the word “effect” as a verb instead of “affect” is something that should be penalized, especially when you claim to be a writer. Sent a Resume with Errors?

cover letter typo resend

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