Zespri Gold is the industry success story. The company has extremely good relationships with government authorities worldwide as a result of this approach and is trusted to perform in line with the policies they set down. Benefits to Zespri The joint approach taken by Xelocity and Zespri analysts helped to position the solution in such a way that the benefits were easily attainable within the SCE project. The support activities that Zespri has are technology development and company infrastructure. Finance General Management Marketing. This has led to a significant improvement in the overall process maturity level at Zespri, which is set to continue this journey with the establishment of a Business Process Management Office. However, integrating with the recently signed off business process architecture BPA was not necessarily considered part of the initial SCE project scope.

One outcome is that process owners have nominated Process Champions for process modelling. In the future this importance Zespri has placed on customer service will surely continue to pay off. As a result, when processes are enhanced and improved as part of business as usual activities, it is now easier for process documentation to be maintained in a closer to real-time manner. Pack-houses and cool stores are Zespri accredited, operating to their own documented quality systems. Search all of TKI.

Xelocity Solution Xelocity acted as an independent adviser and key contributor, working with Zespri to develop process maps for the SAP blueprints. As an established kiwifruit produce company with unique product assortment, sales will not decline from a decreased scale stuvy operations.


Jose Alvarez and Natalie Kindred. Business Challenges In early the kiwifruit market was expected to bounce back from the vine killing disease PSA and benefit from global growth.

Zespri Gold is the industry success story. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you set you on the path to success. Zespri is consistently experiencing steady growth, and increased competition. At the same time it was crucial to keep focused on the success of the SCE project outcomes.


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ANZ Case study 3: The joint approach taken by Xelocity and Zespri analysts helped to position the solution in such a way that the benefits were easily attainable within the SCE project. These were then cultivated by a horticulturist.

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Cite View Details Educators Related. Since Zespri implements a differentiation strategy they do not have to worry about being the least expensive in the industry, there are 4 big producers that compete amongst each other. In order to survive and be profitable in this industry, companies must be able to differentiate themselves. Over the past 10 years, New Zealand sales volumes have almost doubled, from 52 million to million trays.

In the future with their current differential marketing strategy as being top casd, will surely continue to allow Zespri to be successful. Technology and Operations Management.

Project Summary Zespri had selected Business Process Modelling Notation as their standard for enterprise wide process documentation, and after evaluating various tools, adopted Signavio as the modelling tool going forward. It also presents an inspiring story of determined entrepreneurs succeeding against tough odds. Since there are a lot zeespri suppliers in New Zealand, supplier power is low.

Kiwi fruit supply in general is highly regulated and a largely exported commodity. Rather, their focus is on connecting the market and its requirements and translating those needs back to the people who grow and pack the fruit, ensuring the product is in the right market at the right time and within each market’s specifications. Zespri representatives sample the product in-market to ensure standards are being maintained to the point of delivery and these results are fed back to growers to complete the quality cycle and drive continuous improvement.


Zespri has been able to achieve this by marketing their higher quality then competitors. The competition also has the same market research and promotional opportunities as Zespri. Te Kete Ipurangi Navigation: They manage grower relationships in New Zealand and also procure fruit from around the world as well. Zespri has proprietary rights for the Gold variety, which allows them to produce gold kiwifruit in other countries.

In the future, Zespri will continue to benefit from this strategy since it allows them to have long lead times to adapt their kiwifruit.

Threat of new entrants is low due to the established name Zespri has obtained due to their strict standards to produce top quality kiwifruits. Their outbound logistics activities include warehousing and order fulfillment are managed effective and efficiently since Zespri will cool the kiwifruit to ensure freshness, they are the main exporter of this fruit in New Zealand.

This requires that there caes systems and procedures zesprl place to deal with any issues which have the potential to impact on shudy businesses reputation or brand. The recent outbreak of Pseudomonas syringae pv actinidiae Psa — bacterial vine disease — could also potentially affect the future crop levels and while this is as yet unknown, the company is mindful of the risks and is planning accordingly.

case study zespri

This is necessary since kiwifruit is a niche fruit that can be easily substituted for another fruit. There is a lot of other competition out there but they are still turning a profit.