Below are the schedule for the operation. Flyers Giving out the flyers is one of our way to convince people to put their trust on us. The key idea is to deliver customer satisfaction yet provide business with a competitive advantage. In determining the market size, a company focused on the people who situated around 20 km from Violet The Carpenter and it is estimated to be about 50, people. Every worker is entitled to get one off day for every week. Other than that, we also agree to implement our responsibilities and tasks according to our jobs description as each of us have a different portfolios.

Operational manager is responsible to ensure the qualities and the quantities of organic bananas. We plan all the structure required for this business so that all the process andprocedure on starting this business can go smoothly with less problems. In order to make Violet The Carpenter more attractive, we have come up with marketing plans for the next year. It is to ensure that activity in the business goes smoothly and it is aligned with the business goal, mission, vision, and our long term objective in the industry. In a partnership, partner agree to undertake a joint business and jointly on the business.


Because of this positive development, we find ourselves interested in getting involved in the business sector. Each partner can withdraw the credit balance in their income account. Thank you for our all classmates whom also help us in giving us the information whenneeded.

business plan ent300 uitm

Therefore, our company provides the best multi- function furniture for everyone using our signature woods which is palette that can be afford in every social class. We could gain a new customer, or people can see how the product would be. But, our signature product would be the multi-purpose furniture as we promoting something that could be better and bksiness.

RM agreeing to procure subscriptions for any shares or debentures in the company; or Rate of the commission per cent Amount or rate of brokerage The number of shares, if any, which persons have agreed for a commission to subscribe absolutely Amount or estimated amount of preliminary RM expenses By whom those expenses have busienss paid or are payable Amount paid or intended to be paid to any promoter Name of promoter: The adults who is wanted to start up a new business can also buy our custom-made furniture to set up into their shop.


It is to ensure our employees welfare will be protected and get the businesz.

business plan ent300 uitm

An operational plan is the section that will demonstrate the operational aspect of the business that is crucial in transforming the business input into output. Businesses evolve and adapt over time, and factoring future growth and direction into the business plan can be an effective way to plan for changes in the market, growing or slowing trends, and new innovations or directions to take as the company grows.

The climate of the location is suitable for the banana growth and the type of land is laterit type which really suitable for banana plantation. The company narrowed its focus only on families and social class from middle and high group income. Signatures of the persons above-named as directors or proposed directors or of their agents authorized in writing Date: The partnership name shall be sold with the otherassets of the business.

In this segmentation, our target market are those who want the furniture with the multi-function use and save the space at home.

We also charge discount on the customers that be a part of the membership of Violet The Carpenter. We expected to improve the security of the plantation by increasing the regular checking time.

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I also promise to obey the rules and the regulations as stated in Violet The Carpenter. Mission Become the major exporter in Johor within 5 years. Operational manager is responsible uigm ensure the qualities and the quantities of organic bananas. So, we have to make a decision properly in choosing a location plan in order to operate our business successfully. This is because our company are very concerned about the health of the worker.


Private investors, banks plah any other lending institution will want to see how you plan on running your business, what your expense and revenue projections are and whather or not your plans for the future are attainable with the business you have created. Since, we will do all the planting and business processes, below are the Direct Labour Planning Schedule. All the money owns by the partnership or money received on behalf of the partnership must be credited to the agreed partnership current bank account.

They had been a great helper to us in completing this proposal.

business plan ent300 uitm

The hourly production rate is: The business capital is amounted to RMIt is to ensure that our business will become cost- efficient in every task and to avoid from any wastage of resources and captain happen. If a partner has no credit balance in their incomeaccount, losses should be charged to their capital account. Any losses will be liableamong partner equally according Partnership Act The objective of marketing is to create value and costumers satisfaction while at the same time resulting in profits to the company.

This, will surely attract the customer to purchase Platanos Bananas. Clarifying plwn purpose and direction of your business allows you to understand what needs to be done for forward movement.