The bigger the scale of the problem, the bigger the case for Classidur. Yes in fact they say not to wash just dust down. Problem Solving Primer 2. But there is more to Classidur than their primer. I know I need to put knotting fluid on the knots, prime and then paint. There is a guy with a blog who paints traditional kitchens, he has a post on Classidur Xtrem which is very useful and he explains who imports it.

So then I rang the UK importer and they have been very helpful. Best way to paint new furniture? Previous topic Next topic. Tue Mar 06, Seal the knots as you’ve correctly suggested. There are a couple of characteristics to note, however, bearing in mind that Classidur Tradition is a 2 coat straight onto anything product. It seems that the world and his wife now have a problem-solving primer for every occasion.

Covers most stains including nicotine, water, adhesive residues, soot, and wood tannins. Restoration specialists in UK prepare and apply Classidur SuperClassic oil-based or Classidur Aquaclass water-based in churches and historical buildings. Tue Mar 06, 9: What’s the best way to paint around them without leaving brush marks?

Black Friars Problem Solving Primer 500ml BF0430001E1 BF0430001E1

Carefully flat this down with wet and dry sandpaper, brush the dust off the surface, and wipe down with a tack rag before applying the top coats to get the surfaces really clean. Classidur universal primer xtrem. Would I be better staining over with a shade I prefer?


Is it too thick to roll out on a ceiling?

blackfriars problem solving primer reviews

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Sun Sep 10, 9: If I have understood it correctly, they are substrate agnostic! I know I need to put knotting fluid on the knots, prime and then paint. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Hi, just a quick update, Rustins of London the guys who bought Briwax now have the sole import rights for Classidur paint into solvinh UK so best to phone them now and cut out the middle man.

Too big for me though.

blackfriars problem solving primer reviews

Storage Store in a dry, safe place. DT can take 2 coats on really aggressive staining, but works very well I’ve found, and is practically odorless in use. Brush marks shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you use Floetrol and good quality synthetic brushes.

It is a quick drying, low odour water-borne paint for doors and trim. You are invited to print TP articles for your own reference. It seems that the world blackdriars his wife now have a problem-solving primer for every occasion.


Stir thoroughly prior to use with a broad stirrer. Mon Mar 12, 7: Ordered a Magnaclean last week just writing to say got it promptly and is working great, thanks BHL for your great service!

Sun Mar 04, 8: Sun Mar 11, Previous topic Next topic. Thu Sep 07, 8: The most distinguishing and outlandish aspect of Classidur products is that they are inert. Classidur has one of the best variety of paints.

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If you continue to use our site without changing your settings, then we’ll assume that you’re happy to accept all cookies on this website. Blackfriar problem solving primer Discussion in ‘ Coating it up – Help what’s the best paint to use? Additional information Preparation Ensure surface to be coated is clean, dry, sound and free from wax, grease or any other contamination.

Classidur products are almost a non-coating, allowing practically all moisture to pass through.