A new unit was fitted. The Midas has plastic control knobs and a standard shaped bar valve. If at any point the shower begins to spit or splutter then stop turning the dial and wait for the air to clear before continuing towards the hot,. We advise to allow working days for delivery. My friggin Aqualisa has decided to come out in sympathy, and started to slowly, drip drip. What a life saver, was about to give up and ring to get someone out to fix then found your post.

It also has slightly lower flow rates to the Midas Use paper towel to clean the plastic valve assemblies, metal plates, rubber O-rings and spring loaded valves of any old grease and water. Handyandy , Dec 5, You need to find the control box pictures above then kill the power to it. HandySparks , May 8,

When cleaning an Aqualisa product, we advise that you use warm soapy water or non-abrasive bathroom cleaning products. After trying a few times turning the shower on and off you may find that all of a sudden no lights appear on the control dial altogether.

Repair of dripping Aqualisa shower

If it is a direct replacement then yes the pipes and connections will line up. View all Range Q Digital. Mrs BrownNov 27, Same problem, forgot to turn dial to cold but after a few attempts the shower unit kicked into live, yes there was quite a bit of trapped air.

aqualisa problem solving

On the RARE occasion that I have had to call an Aqualisa engineer to look at a problem, they have always been very reliable and sorted the problem straight away. Remove it and clear any debris in it Reattach the cold supply then the power to the unit.


aqualisa problem solving

I really am quite amazed at these replies. If you are on a gravity fed water system with a cold water tank, we would advise to check for an air lock.

Issues With Aqualisa Digital Quartz Shower

In pfoblem way, I hope I can contribute to the pool of knowledge. A new unit was fitted. Turn off the hot and cold water.

aqualisa problem solving

Electric showers are not suitable as they require the cold mains inlet connection. If you live in Mid-Wales it is yours truly who is often sent out by Aqualisa to repair and exchange faulty processor units on their behalf. The control unit may have to be reset if none of the lights are on and no water is coming from the shower head.

There is a simple method of testing for draw-down, you simply run the shower and then hold a glass of water up to the end of the open vent pipe. Nigel Jones, Hmmmm that seems odd.

Installation Guides Customer Care Aqualisa – http: Aquallsa outlet mixer showers will require 0. A step by step guide to clear an air lock is available in the FAQs.

Again be ready with a towel to mop up any water that spills out. We advise to descale the shower head by soaking the component in warm water and white vinegar for approx.


Dripping Aqualisa shower repair | Simon Hart

Failing that hit the power on your main fusebox. Simon Wilson likes this. It is quite straight forward so anybody can do it, all you need is some heat resistant Silicone Grease. If the processor unit is purchased on its own as a spare part then this will come with a 2yr guarantee.

View all Water System High Pressure. Choose your Shower Heads. View all Showers and Taps Showers. Once again, t ants. The main symptom of an air lock is that when you turn the shower on no water comes out of the shower head. Solvinh idea of this exercise is to use the working supply to create suction down the pipe-work which will then siphon the air out. Tried turning off for 30 secs as mentioned but no luck.

The problem is in the mixer valves so we need to disassemble the valves and re-grease the valve parts. Before turning the shower unit back on remove the shower head from the hose and let the hose dangle to the floor.